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Documentary ‘Spettacolo’ Lands at Grasshopper Film for U.S. Release (Exclusive)

1 hour ago | Variety - Film News | See recent Variety - Film News news »

Grasshopper Film has bought the U.S. distribution rights to the documentary “Spettacolo,” a month after its world premiere at the SXSW film festival.

Jeff Malmberg and Chris Shellen, who teamed on the acclaimed 2010 documentary “Marwencol,” directed and produced “Spettacolo.” The movie centers on Monticchiello, a tiny hill town in Tuscany which has turned the lives of its residents into a play about itself for the past 50 years. Grasshopper plans to open the film theatrically this fall, followed by a VOD and home video release.

The film examines Monticchiello’s annual tradition, which has attracted worldwide attention, at a time when its population is aging and the younger generation is more interested in Facebook than farming. It interweaves episodes from its past with its modern-day process, as the villagers turn a series of blows into a new play about the end of their world.

Dennis Harvey wrote in his SXSW review for Variety, »

- Dave McNary

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Watch: New Trailer For Award-Winning Australian True-Crime Serial Killer Tale ‘Hounds Of Love’

52 minutes ago | The Playlist | See recent The Playlist news »

Since it premiered at Venice last year, audiences have been either thrilled, traumatized, or a little of both by Australian horror-drama “Hounds Of Love.” Not, alas, as the title might suggest, the Kate Bush biopic we’ve always dreamed of, Ben Young’s directorial debut is a “Blue Velvet”-influenced true-crime tale that makes “The Snowtown Murders” look like “Madagascar 3.”

Drawing on a number of real-life cases in Perth, Australia in the 1980s, it tracks a couple (Stephen Curry and Emma Booth) whose Mo is to lure young girls to their home before raping, torturing and murdering them, and the teenager (Ashleigh Cummings) who looks to become their latest victim.

Continue reading Watch: New Trailer For Award-Winning Australian True-Crime Serial Killer Tale ‘Hounds Of Love’ at The Playlist. »

- Oliver Lyttelton

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‘Two Sentence Horror Stories: Ma’ Clip: Horror Anthology Series Uses Viral Stories to Craft Chilling Shorts — Watch

59 minutes ago | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

Anthology series are so hot right now. With that in mind, meet “Two Sentence Horror Stories,” presented by Stage 13, a new series of short horror films based off of two-sentence viral fan fictions. Vera Miao (“Best Friends Forever”), a former Tribeca Film Institute Fellow, created, wrote, produced, and directed the series.

Read More: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’: Alexis Bledel and Margaret Atwood React to the Year’s Most Brutal Scene

The first episode of the series, “Ma,” is premiering this year at Tribeca during the New Online Work (N.O.W.) section of the festival. According to the official synopsis for the episode, “Like many traditional Chinese families, Mona still lives at home with her stern but loving Ma. When she meets cute Erica, their instant chemistry awakens something dormant inside. But Ma is not going to let her daughter go easily. Because nothing is allowed to come between a mother and daughter. »

- Kerry Levielle

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‘There’s… Johnny!’ Exclusive Teaser: Tony Danza Stars In This 1970’s Riff On ‘The Larry Sanders Show’ — Watch

1 hour ago | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

Here’s… the first trailer for Seeso’s new Johnny Carson show!

Feast your eyes on the colors of the 1970’s, also known as “the decade that taste forgot”: The putrid chartreuse of a shag carpet, blinding mustard swivel chairs, busy cutouts on a wood paneled desk. Set to the hum of a snappy tune evoking earlier days, this trailer drums up enough excitement without actually showing anyone’s face — though the talent on board boasts Seeso’s biggest names to date.

Read More: Tribeca 2017: 9 Breakout Talents From This Year’s Festival

Created by Paul Reiser and his “Mad About You” producer David Steven Simon, “There’s… Johnny” follows 19-year-old Nebraskan Andy Klavin (Ian Nelson) as he stumbles his way into a gig as a gofer at Carson’s “The Tonight Show” in 1972. Billed as a “fictional comedic trip back in time,” it sounds like a period riff on “The Larry Sanders Show. »

- Jude Dry

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Cannes: How to Get a Sales Agent or Distributor for Your Unfinished Film

1 hour ago | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

The Cannes Film Festival market is hungry for more works-in-progress seeking distribution. This year’s “Goes to Cannes” program at the Marché du Film will welcome unfinished films from festivals around the world, with each festival having the opportunity to send five projects that are still in post-production. Now in its fifth year, the “Goes to Cannes” lab more has more than doubled the amount of participating festivals, from just five in 2016 to 11 this year.

Read More: What Movies Are Critics Most Excited to See at Cannes 2017? — Critics Survey

At the Marché, the filmmaking teams behind the works-in-progress will introduce their projects to sales agents, distributors and festival programmers and show clips during a two-hour market screening session open to all Marché du Film badge holders. Below is the full list of participating film festivals for the 2017 edition:

Annecy International Animation Festival

Hong Kong – Asia Film Financing Forum (Haf)

Los »

- Graham Winfrey

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Anger Is Still An Energy In John Lydon Doc ‘The Public Image is Rotten’ [Tribeca Review]

1 hour ago | The Playlist | See recent The Playlist news »

Blisteringly caustic as ever, John Lydon nevertheless reveals himself as an occasionally sentimental sort in Tabbert Fiiller’s fitfully revelatory and charming documentary, “The Public Image is Rotten,” screening at the Tribeca Film Festival. Ostensibly a documentary about Lydon’s epochal post-punk band Public Image Ltd., the movie turns to be more portrait of the man himself. This makes sense, given that the band was a Lydon project from the start and he’s the only member remaining from its 1978 founding.

Continue reading Anger Is Still An Energy In John Lydon Doc ‘The Public Image is Rotten’ [Tribeca Review] at The Playlist. »

- Chris Barsanti

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Patton Oswalt Talks Privacy in the Social Media Age, Combating Fake News and How to Impeach Donald Trump

1 hour ago | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

It’s only right that Emmy-winning actor and comic Patton Oswalt will next be seen in “The Circle,” James Ponsoldt’s big screen adaptation of the popular Dave Eggers novel of the same name, which dives deep inside a nefarious internet company that values knowledge above all else. Oswalt has long been a prolific presence on the web, thanks to his amusing Twitter account and a Facebook page that he frequently uses to get both personal and political.

In the film, Oswalt plays Tom Stenton, the somewhat shadowy COO of The Circle, a powerful social media operation that exploits bright-eyed new staffer Mae (Emma Watson) joins the sprawling corporation, she’s soon sucked into some of the more ambitious ideas hatched by Stenton and visionary Steve Jobs-type Eamon Bailey (Tom Hanks). Turns out, the internet can be a scary place, and privacy just might be the last real frontier. »

- Kate Erbland

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‘Rogue One’ Creator John Knoll Says He’s Working On An Idea For Another ‘Star Wars Story’

1 hour ago | The Playlist | See recent The Playlist news »

A billion dollars and some great reviews later, and Disney/Lucasfilm must be pretty delighted that John Knoll decided to pitch them the idea for a “Star Wars” spin-off that turned into last year’s blockbuster “Rogue One.” I mean, sure, you could have stuck the “A Star Wars Story” subtitle onto “Queen Of Katwe” and it probably would have made hundreds of millions of dollars, but “Rogue One” was a rare prequel and spin-off that felt truly satisfying, and was about as successful a launch to non-Skywalker stories within the universe as you could ask for.

Continue reading ‘Rogue One’ Creator John Knoll Says He’s Working On An Idea For Another ‘Star Wars Story’ at The Playlist. »

- Oliver Lyttelton

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8 Films Directed By Female Filmmakers You Can’t Miss This Summer Season

1 hour ago | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

This week, IndieWire will be rolling out our annual Summer Preview, including offerings that span genres, a look at the various trends driving the box office, and special attention to all the new movies you need to get through a jam-packed summer movie-going season. Check back throughout the week for a new look at the best the season has to offer, and clear your schedule, because we’re going to fill it right up.

Today — a selection of features directed (or co-directed) by female filmmakers to get excited about seeing, including works from rising stars, indie favorites and one of Hollywood’s most lauded directors.

Read More: IndieWire’s Complete 2017 Summer Preview

Wonder Woman,” June 2

It’s a big year for the darkness-loving (and scenery-chewing) DC Universe, but before we plunge back into what terrible delights Zack Snyder and co. have cooked up for their “Justice League,” we’ve got to go back, »

- Chris O'Falt, David Ehrlich, Graham Winfrey, Jude Dry and Kate Erbland

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Teen Drama Hit ’13 Reasons Why’ Heading For Season 2 Renewal At Netflix

1 hour ago | The Playlist | See recent The Playlist news »

One of the interesting things about Netflix and their original series is that the passage of what becomes a hit (seemingly: the streaming service still fiercely protect actual viewership figures, but it’s easy enough to tell from social media buzz and the like) is genuinely organic. “Orange Is The New Black” became a much bigger talking point than the infinitely more-hyped “House Of Cards,” “Bojack Horseman” gradually built fans to become a cult comedy, and last year, “Stranger Things” came from almost nowhere to become seemingly the streaming service’s buzziest show ever.

Continue reading Teen Drama Hit ’13 Reasons Why’ Heading For Season 2 Renewal At Netflix at The Playlist. »

- Oliver Lyttelton

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Tilda Swinton’s Surreal ‘Okja’ Video: Watch Her Character Describe Pig Nightmares

1 hour ago | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

Before Bong Joon-ho’s “Okja” heads to Cannes, Netflix dropped a bizarre video featuring Tilda Swinton’s character Lucy Mirando talking all about pigs. The clip, released by the distributor on April 27, shows Lucy, the CEO of the Mirando Corporation, describing why her genetically altered animals are far superior to competitors’ swine. Suffice it to say that the sterile promotional video parody includes some jarring glimpses of darkness, showing there’s more to Mirando than what meets the eye.

Read More: ‘Okja’ Teaser Trailer: Tilda Swinton Battles a Beast in Bong Joon-Ho’s Netflix Monster Movie

Okja” is about a kind monster who is pursued by the Mirando Corporation for research, or likely something more nefarious, and a girl who works to protect her beastly buddy. The cast also includes Ahn Seo-hyun, Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano, Steven Yeun, and Lily Collins, and is Joon-ho’s first film since “Snowpiercer.”

After »

- William Earl

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Tilda Swinton Introduces You To The World Of Bong Joon-Ho’s ‘Okja’ In Hilarious Viral Clip

2 hours ago | The Playlist | See recent The Playlist news »

We can think of a few films that might challenge it (we are getting new Paul Thomas Anderson, of course), but in general, Bong Joon-Ho’s “Okja” might be the movie that we’re most looking forward to in 2017. The Korean director is one of the most exciting and talented filmmakers in the world right now: from “Memories Of Murder” through “The Host” to “Snowpiercer,” he’s been a consistently surprising and original director whose work is utterly distinctive.

Continue reading Tilda Swinton Introduces You To The World Of Bong Joon-Ho’s ‘Okja’ In Hilarious Viral Clip at The Playlist. »

- Oliver Lyttelton

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‘The Circle’ Review: Tom Hanks and Emma Watson Star In a Misguided Story of Technology Gone Wrong — Tribeca 2017

2 hours ago | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

The core of “The Circle” is a dumb movie trying to be smart. The premise begs to provoke contentious debate around privacy laws in an age of boundless innovation, but it can’t seem to find steady footing in that dialogue, in part because it lacks a substantial means of asking the right questions.

Young brainiac Mae (Emma Watson) scores a plumb job at technology empire The Circle, a palatial Bay Area company developing cutting-edge video technology at the behest of the smiley CEO Bailey (Tom Hanks). With time, Mae becomes immersed in a scheme to develop live-streaming video with lightweight cameras at a low cost, and eventually signs up to wear one of the devices 24/7. As she transforms her life into a 21st century Truman Show, with millions of online observers commenting on her existence in real-time, Mae’s trapped by the powerful ramifications of the technology and the »

- Eric Kohn

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How (and When) to Hire an Editor: What I Learned Making My First Short Doc

2 hours ago | Filmmaker Magazine - Blog | See recent Filmmaker Magazine news »

It’s six months after my first-ever film shoot on my first-ever film, the short documentary Sole Doctor. And yes, I’m still working on that documentary! After grappling with self-doubt and fretting about the narrative arc, I feel both confident in my vision and totally confused about how to shape the story. In other words, it’s time to find a good editor! But first, a little refresher about the project: Sole Doctor is a short observational-style documentary about George, a 78-year-old African-American shoe cobbler who has owned a business in Portland for over 50 years. Preparing to retire and pass the business on to […] »

- Paula Bernstein

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‘Captain America’ Director Joe Johnston To Reboot The ‘Narnia’ Franchise With ‘The Silver Chair’

2 hours ago | The Playlist | See recent The Playlist news »

Is “Captain America: The First Avenger” the best of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies? The correct answer is, of course, “for the first half, yes.” The introduction to Chris Evans’ WW2 super-soldier is an evocative, beautifully realized, rather charming, funny-without-being-quippy joy in its first half, and certainly the most emotionally potent of the Marvel films, before getting quite boring quite fast in its action-heavy second half.

Even so, it remains one of the better McU movies, so it’s a little puzzling that Joe Johnston, the film’s director — who was also behind films including “The Rocketeer,” “Jumanji,” “Jurassic Park III” and, uh, “The Wolfman” (though he only came on to that mess a month before shooting began, so don’t blame him too much) — didn’t get more credit for it.

Continue reading ‘Captain America’ Director Joe Johnston To Reboot The ‘Narnia’ Franchise With ‘The Silver Chair’ at The Playlist. »

- Oliver Lyttelton

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Every IndieWire TV Review of 2017 Shows, Ranked from Best to Worst By Grade

3 hours ago | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

Perhaps you’ve heard: there’s a lot of TV airing these days. With new classics and returning favorites popping up every week, there’s certainly a lot to keep track of. We thought we’d make it easier to sort the shows worth your time from those that, well…might not be.

So we’ve gathered all our 2017 TV reviews in one place and sorted them by grade. (Where applicable, we’ve noted the season number and the network.) We’ll be updating this throughout the year, so be sure to check back as new shows premiere to see which tier they end up in. It’s not even a third of the way through the calendar year and there’s already been a bevy of quality television, ready for your DVRs and streaming service queues.

Without further ado: happy catch-up!


The Leftovers – Season 3 [HBO]


The Americans – Season »

- Steve Greene

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Film Clip: Tormenting the Hen, from Writer/Director Theodore Collatos

3 hours ago | Filmmaker Magazine - Blog | See recent Filmmaker Magazine news »

Previously at Filmmaker, Theodore Collatos engaged in a dialogue about filmmaking with fellow director Christopher Jason Bell and penned an article about shooting his latest feature, Tormenting the Hen, in just six days. Now that latter film is receiving its premiere tomorrow at the Independent Film Festival of Boston, and Collatos has provided Filmmaker with an exclusive clip. Watch above, and read the synopsis below: When playwright Claire is invited to set her latest political work at a rural theatre company, her fiance Monica tags along for a much-needed vacation. Upon encountering Mutty, an enigmatic neighbor with a gross lack […] »

- Scott Macaulay

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Paul Thomas Anderson Directs Haim in One Intimate Long Take in ‘Right Now’ Music Video — Watch

3 hours ago | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

It was already going to be a great year for Paul Thomas Anderson fans given that his London fashion drama with Daniel Day-Lewis opens this Christmas, but it turns out we’re getting some surprise new Anderson content today. Pop rock band Haim has released the new music video for “Right Now” and lo and behold: It’s directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.

Read More: What Paul Thomas Anderson Movies Really Have to Say About Finding Purpose in Life — Watch

Anderson is well-versed in the music video space, having worked with artists like Fiona Apple, Aimee Mann and Joanna Newsom in the past. He collaborated with “Radiohead” on three videos last year for songs off their acclaimed album “A Moon Shaped Pool.” The “Right Now” video for Haim captures the same intimate performance vibe of his Radiohead clip for “The Numbers.”

Haim rocketed to stardom in 2013 with their breakout debut album “Days are Gone, »

- Zack Sharf

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Watch: Paul Thomas Anderson-Directed Music Video For Haim’s ‘Right Now’

3 hours ago | The Playlist | See recent The Playlist news »

Well, this is an unexpectedly awesome way to kick the day off. Paul Thomas Anderson is currently in production on his latest film, a re-team with Daniel Day-Lewis on a drama set in the fashion world in the 1950s, so we figured we wouldn’t hear much from him anytime soon. But suddenly, this morning, a new music video dropped from the awesome band Haim — their first new music in several years — and it’s Anderson that’s directed the clip (which was shot last November).

Continue reading Watch: Paul Thomas Anderson-Directed Music Video For Haim’s ‘Right Now’ at The Playlist. »

- Oliver Lyttelton

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‘Jurassic World’ Sequel: 4 Reasons the Franchise Needs Jeff Goldblum

3 hours ago | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

Jeff Goldblum fans rejoiced after THR revealed on April 25 that the Oscar-nominated actor will star in next year’s untitled sequel to “Jurassic World,” but no one could have been happier than Universal Pictures. Though Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard were already confirmed to reprise their roles from the 2015 film, landing Goldblum is a huge win for the studio, as he bridges the gap between the first two “Jurassic Park” movies and the fifth installment of the franchise, which will be directed by “A Monster Calls” director J.A. Bayona.

Read More: ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Photos: Chris Hemsworth Rocks a New Haircut With Cate Blanchett, Jeff Goldbum and Tessa Thompson

Goldblum will once again play Dr. Ian Malcolm, the sharp-witted mathematician who had some of the most memorable lines in 1993’s “Jurassic Park,” and who returned as the lead in the 1997 sequel “The Lost World.” Universal shouldn’t have a problem »

- Graham Winfrey

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