Newswire: That Hunger Games theme park is actually happening

  • The AV Club
Today, in ideas you’d think Westworld—or at least “Itchy And Scratchy Land”—would have taught people to stay well the fuck away from, plans for a theme park with areas modeled after The Hunger Games are currently in the works. Lionsgate has been floating this murderously bad idea for a few years now, hoping to entice the franchise’s fans to come hang out in perfectly imagineered recreations of filthy, dystopian coal mines, or possibly a series of maliciously designed murder courses. Now, it’s licensed the series—and several other Lionsgate properties, including Now You See Me and Twilight—to a South Korean theme park developer.

But as excited as we are to experience the Team Edward/Team Jacob dueling brood-coaster—or the Jesse Eisenberg Close-Up Magic Experience—it’s the Hunger Games park that strikes us as the most fascinatingly baffling. Author Suzanne Collins did pretty
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