Review Round-Up: Sweet Virginia and The Ice Cream Truck

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Before it's time for us to serve up some turkey Stateside, here are my thoughts on two recent indie genre films I’ve had the pleasure of checking out: Megan Freels Johnston’s horror comedy The Ice Cream Truck and Jamie Dagg’s crime thriller Sweet Virginia, featuring Jon Bernthal.

The Ice Cream Truck: Akin to an early Tim Burton-esque take on the horrors of suburbia and adulthood, Johnston’s The Ice Cream Truck is a slightly absurd yet wholly relatable exploration of the anxieties of modern women, particularly those who don’t necessarily fit in with the typical “Bake Sale Moms” out there who always seem to have “it” together, living out their existences happily defined by their roles within their respective households.

In The Ice Cream Truck, we are introduced to Mary (Deanna Russo) who is anything but confident in the woman she has become over the years.
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