Shazam! Movie Gets 2019 Release Date

Warner Bros. and DC have reportedly set an official release date of April 5th, 2019 for Shazam! The Dceu has gone through numerous scheduling changes recently, and it was unclear whether the movie would keep that original spot or be moved down. April is kind of an unusual time for big blockbuster movies to come out, but as Captain America: The Winter Soldier proved in 2014, that doesn't mean they can't gain success in that release slot. However, Shazam! is a lesser-known property and an April release date may be perfect since it won't have as much competition, getting in right before the McU's Avengers 4.

Zachary Levi recently revealed that he has prepared to start training for the role and also talked about when he first realized that he would have to get in superhero shape. He says it will take him as long as necessary to get there for the role,
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