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The Lost Projects: 15 Movies Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, and More Auteurs Never Made

22 minutes ago

Just because you’re a well-established director with award-winning hits and/or commercial successes doesn’t mean you can make any movie you want. Just ask Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee, Sofia Coppola, Darren Aronofsky, and more. All these auteurs have had passion projects over the years they’ve had to kill or put on indefinite hiatus for a variety of reasons, which is a shame given how incredible all of them sound on paper.

Read More30 Essential Directing Tips From 30 Master Filmmakers

Christopher Nolan taking on Howard Hughes. Spike Lee making a boxing epic around Joe Louis. Kathryn Bigelow resurrecting Joan of Arc for a female warrior saga unlike any the big screen had ever really seen in the 1990s. We’d buy a ticket for all them years in advance if we knew they were definitely happening.

With many of our favorite auteurs currently in production on new movies, »

- Zack Sharf

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‘There Will Be Blood’: What You Learn About Paul Thomas Anderson By Counting All 678 Shots — Watch

52 minutes ago

If you’re one of those people who don’t believe the editor holds just as much power over a film as the director, then you really need to watch more Paul Thomas Anderson movies, especially “There Will Be Blood.” The latest video essay from Nerdwriter1 takes a fascinating look at Anderson’s 2007 masterpiece by studying what you learn about the movie just by counting all of the shots.

Read MoreAttention, Filmmakers: Here’s How You Can Direct Shots Like Paul Thomas Anderson — Watch

There are a total of 678 shots in “There Will Be Blood,” which runs 158 minutes. This means that Anderson and editor Dylan Tichenor’s average shot length is approximately 13.3 seconds, well over the 3-4 second average among Hollywood movies today. Utilizing longer shots in no way makes a film better or worse, but Anderson uses it to his advantage. He not only uses longer shots, but he »

- Zack Sharf

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Why ‘Atomic Blonde’ Earns Its Steamy Charlize Theron Lesbian Sex Scene

56 minutes ago

Savvy lesbian cinephiles have learned to be on guard whenever lesbian sex pops up onscreen — especially when it’s coming from a straight male director. While gay men are often portrayed as desexualized comedic relief in Hollywood, lesbians are used for hyper-sexual titillation. Viewers eager for a feminist icon in Charlize Theron’s ball-busting “Atomic Blonde” character Lorraine Broughton should keep their hopes in check, but she does exhibit a refreshingly no-fucks-given fluid sexuality.

Read More‘Atomic Blonde’: Charlize Theron Addresses James Bond Rumors, ‘Mad Max’ Sequel, and Women Who Kick Ass

A British spy tasked with tracking down a double agent in Berlin just before the fall of the Wall, Lorraine takes out an endless stream of bad guys with killer moves and a poker face so neutral she barely registers a personality. “John Wick” co-director David Leitch makes his official directorial debut with flair, even if the plot is a little predictable. »

- Jude Dry

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All the Fall Movies We Can’t Wait to See (Screen Talk Episode 158) — IndieWire’s Movie Podcast

57 minutes ago

The summer’s not quite over and most audiences still need to catch up on a lot of its highlights, but pretty soon, it’s going to be old news. The fall movie season is always a dense calendar of Oscar bait, exciting documentaries, and complete discoveries that make the last portion of the year the most unexpected. In this week’s episode of Screen Talk, Eric Kohn and Anne Thompson go through their list of movies expected to land on the fall festival circuit (or premiere outside of it) to get a sense for how the next few months could change our perception of cinema in 2017.

Listen to the full episode above.

Screen Talk is available on iTunes.

You can subscribe here or via RSS. Share your feedback with Thompson and Kohn on Twitter or sound off in the comments. Browse previous installments here, review the show on  and »

- Indiewire Staff

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The Duplass Brothers are Back on TV! 7 Reasons to Get Excited About ‘Room 104’

1 hour ago

[Editor’s Note: This article is presented in partnership with HBO in support of Room 104, which premieres onJuly 28 at 11:30 p.m. Et.]

Room 104” isn’t like anything else you’ll see on television this year. The new half-hour, genre-bending HBO series features a number of unique facets, but they all relate back, in one way or another, to the creative minds of Mark and Jay Duplass.

The writers, producers, directors, and actors known for breakout independent films like “The Puffy Chair” and “Cyrus” as well as award-winning television like “Togetherness” and “Transparent” have come together to create the latest exciting original series on the Home Box Office network.

Set in a single room in your typical American motel chain, each week tells a different story and all 12 episodes of Season 1 were produced by the Duplass Brothers. The tone, characters, and era can all change week-to-week, and viewers should be ready for drama, comedy, horror, and at the start of each new entry. What unites each story is the common search for »

- Ben Travers

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‘The Adventures of Puss in Boots’: Season 5 Proves ‘Game of Thrones’ Needs Cats to Defeat Dragons — Watch

1 hour ago

Read below… if you dare! Everyone’s favorite feline is back just in time for summer with the Season 5 premiere of “The Adventures of Puss in Boots.” The new season is full of adventure, as well as some very interesting guest stars.

Read More: ‘The Adventures of Puss in Boots’ Season 4 Exclusive Clip: Puss Shows Off His Many Powers

Things ended pretty crazily last season, and Puss is back with an exclusive clip to give a sneak peek at what’s to come this season featuring Jane Lynch (“Wreck-It Ralph”) as “Sully,” a dragon squaring off against our hero in a high-flying action scene. Check out the video below.

The series follows the famous smooth-talking assassin-turned-sidekick Puss in Boots from the “Shrek” film series, who later went on to star in his own original film, “Puss in Boots.” The famous kitty Casanova now protects the city of San Lorenzo, a »

- Gabrielle Kiss

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‘The Mindy Project’ Final Season: Chris Messina Returning to Give Danny and Mindy ‘Clarity’

14 hours ago

Mindy Lahiri will get her happily ever after, and Danny Castellano will be part of it … somewhere.

At the Hulu TCA panel for “The Mindy Project,” Mindy Kaling, Ike Barinholtz and executive producer Matt Warburton revealed details about who will return for the rom-com’s final season. Among those names is Chris Messina, who played the father of Mindy’s child and her ex-fiancee.

Read More‘The Mindy Project’s’ Lang Fisher on Writing Mindy as a White Man in the Age of Trump

But when the sixth season begins on Sept. 12, both Danny and Mindy will have moved on. He will be married to Greta Gerwig’s character Sarah, while Mindy has tied the knot with Ben (Bryan Greenberg). Despite these attachments, Kaling acknowledged that the fans “still hope that Danny and Mindy are the end game, romantically.”

Warburton said the show will give “a little bit of clarity »

- Hanh Nguyen

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From ‘Wonder Woman’ to ‘Girls Trip,’ a Great Summer for Women — But Don’t Call It a Breakthrough

14 hours ago

As summer movie season winds down, women-driven films are front and center. “Wonder Woman” is the top title, “Atomic Blonde” starring Charlize Theron opens wide, Kathryn Bigelow’s “Detroit” begins limited runs before its nationwide release, and “Girls Trip” is on a $100 million trajectory. All of this underlines a good story for female-based films that began this spring with”Beauty and the Beast,” the year’s #1 film in worldwide release.

Does that mean a breakthrough for women, and films about them? Not exactly.

Read MoreTiffany Haddish: Why The ‘Girls Trip’ Star Is This Year’s Comedy Wonder Woman

First, the great news: Patty Jenkins’ “Wonder Woman” is the first time a female-directed action film has ruled the summer. (Vicky Jenson co-directed summer 2001’s top grosser, “Shrek.”) In a male-dominated comic book character universe, Gal Gadot and her D.C. Comics heroine rewrote the rules of what can be a blockbuster summer release. »

- Tom Brueggemann

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Sarah Silverman on Trying to Unite The Country With Hulu’s ‘I Love You, America’

14 hours ago

Sarah Silverman is on a mission.

“I want to get to the root of humanity in this country,” the comedian told reporters Thursday at the Television Critics Association press tour.

Silverman, showrunner Gavin Purcell and executive producers Adam McKay and Amy Zvi are still ironing out what her new Hulu talk show, “I Love You, America,” will look like.

But here’s what they do know: “I Love You, America” will be shot weekly in Hollywood and feature an opening monologue, in addition to taped pieces shot around the country. In one early remote, Silverman will sit down with a family in Georgia that has never met anyone Jewish.

“We’re not looking to make them look like assholes,” she said. “We’re exposing the fact that we’re actually the same. We may be listening to two different sets of lies right now.”

In the studio, “I Love You, »

- Michael Schneider

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‘Game of Thrones’: Inside the Making of Cersei’s Westeros Conquest Map

16 hours ago

Game of Thrones” featured two maps in the season premiere beyond its iconic opening credits. Both Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) and Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) used the maps to study and plan for their eventual conquest of Westeros.

Read More ‘Game of Thrones’: 5 Crazy Reasons Why The Hound Is the Prince Who Was Promised, Not Daenerys

Although we’ve seen the 3-D map at Dragonstone before, the one at King’s Landing in the Red Keep was brand new to fans, and wasn’t even complete on the screen. Cersei needed a map to match her outsized ambitions and the one she commissioned covered the entire floor a large courtyard. At the beginning of the scene, a craftsman is seen working on the almost-finished map before the queen dismisses him.

“It’s what we’ve been waiting for our all lives,” Cersei tells her brother Jaime (Nicolaj Coster-Waldau). “It’s ours now. »

- Hanh Nguyen

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Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon to Star in New TV Series About Morning Shows

16 hours ago

In what can only be interpreted as a delayed response to the phenomenal success of 2010’s “Morning Glory,” Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are attached to an untitled new TV series about the world of morning shows. The series is based on an original idea from Michael Ellenberg, who formerly served as head of drama for HBO, and Jay Carson (“House of Cards”) will write the script. The Hollywood Reporter first broke the news.

Read More‘Big Little Lies’: Reese Witherspoon Teases Season 2, Fans Still Hate Alexander Skarsgård, and More from the Cast

Aniston is no stranger to the small screen, though she’s been a more frequent big-screen presence in recent years; she won an Emmy and received five more nominations for her starring role on “Friends.” Witherspoon just earned an Emmy nod of her own for “Big Little Lies,” the HBO limited series based on Liane Moriarty »

- Michael Nordine

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Why Chris Pine is Already the Best Chris for TV Right Now

16 hours ago

On Thursday, TNT announced their latest limited series: “One Day She’ll Darken,” a six-part series about the life of Fauna Hodel, the husband of infamous Black Dahlia murder suspect George Hodel.

While the casting of both Hodels is still unannounced, one key role has already been filled: Chris Pine will play Jay Singletary, a less-than-reputable reporter determined to find vindication in his stories on Hodel’s unclear past. It has all the makings of a juicy role, but Pine’s recent on-screen success in deferring to his counterparts proves he’s the ideal tool for this kind of story.

Read MoreFilmmakers: Here’s How to Get Chris Pine Interested Your Movie

Last year, in an interview with IndieWire’s Eric Kohn, Pine said, “I have a romantic vision of the beautiful delineation between TV and film that existed for so many years. I romanticize the studio system and movie stars as a whole, »

- Steve Greene

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Tracy Morgan on ‘The Last O.G.’ and How His Near-Fatal Accident Made Him A Better Man

17 hours ago

Tracy Morgan wants to be clear: “The Last O.G.” is not “a black show.”

“We don’t only explore the black community, but humanity,” he told critics at the Television Critics Association press tour Thursday. “It’s not a black show. It’s about humanity — second chances, redemption.”

Read MoreAll of IndieWire’s TCA 2017 Coverage

Second chances, of course, are a deeply personal theme for Morgan, following a catastrophic car accident in 2014 he barely survived. In fact, when asked why he wanted to surround himself with a strong ensemble in “The Last O.G.”, he directly referenced that incident.

“Maybe I’m just a better man now since the accident,” he said. “It’s not about me — it’s bigger than me. I’m fortunate to have these folks around me.”

The Last O.G.” stars Morgan as Tray, a former convict who returns to the free world after 15 years in jail. »

- Liz Shannon Miller

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Hulu Renews ’Harlots’ for a Second Season of Bawdy Prostitution

17 hours ago

Get ready for more betrayals and bawdy behavior. “Harlots” will be back for another season.

On Thursday, Hulu’s Svp of Content Craig Erwich announced at the Television Critics Association press tour that it had renewed the prostitution drama for a second season. Set in 1760s Georgian London, the series focuses on the how the city became a hub for lucrative prostitution.

Read More‘Harlots’: Hulu’s Whore Drama May Be One of the Most Feminist TV Shows

At the center of “Harlots” is Margaret Wells (Samantha Morton), a brothel owner for the people who grew up in the business herself. Her chief rival is Lydia Quigley (Lesley Manville), a madam who tries to set her prostitutes apart by giving them education and then charging a pretty penny to her higher-ranking clientele.

When last we left them, Margaret was dealing with her two daughters, who also followed her into the family whoring business. »

- Hanh Nguyen

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Hulu Resurrects Tgif By Securing Streaming Rights to ‘Full House,’ ‘Family Matters’ & More — As Millennials Win Again

17 hours ago

Netflix’s house may be fuller, but step by step, Hulu is building its own deep library of TV classics.

Next up: Hulu has sealed a deal to stream some of the most popular shows from ABC’s “Tgif” era of family sitcoms: “Full House,” “Family Matters,” “Step by Step,” “Perfect Strangers” and “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper.”

Warner Bros. TV was behind all of those iconic late 1980s and early 1990s family comedies, and Hulu’s new deal with Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution secures the exclusive streaming video on-demand rights to more than 800 episodes.

Read More‘The Golden Girls’ on Hulu: A Guide to 29 Wacky Moments to Watch Out For While You Binge

The five comedies will see their full library uploaded to Hulu starting Friday (naturally), September 29. Hulu noted that the deal is timely, as “Full House” marks its 30th anniversary and “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper” hits its 25th anniversary. »

- Michael Schneider

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‘It’: Tilda Swinton Was Considered to Play Pennywise the Clown, but the Evil Force That Is Her Schedule Wouldn’t Allow It

17 hours ago

Here’s a bit of dream casting that literally ended up being too good to be true: Tilda Swinton as Pennywise the Clown in “It.” Nerdist has the news that the chameleonic Oscar winner, seen recently (and controversially) in “Doctor Strange” and well known for her roles in such films as “Michael Clayton” and “We Need to Talk About Kevin,” was considered for the terrifying part — but “she wasn’t available.”

Read More‘It’ New Trailer: Pennywise the Clown is Here to Give You Very Disturbing Nightmares

That’s according to producer Barbara Muschietti, who fielded questions about this new adaptation of Stephen King’s classic horror novel alongside her brother Andrés (who directed it). One reporter asked whether Swinton was approached, apparently as a joke; to everyone’s surprise, Barbara answered in the affirmative.

“No, no I swear to God,” she went on, explaining that the cinematic siblings did »

- Michael Nordine

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‘Lbj’ Trailer: Woody Harrelson Completely Transforms For Rob Reiner’s Presidential Biopic

17 hours ago

Watch out, Gary Oldman. Woody Harrelson has arrived to be the king of fall political biopics featuring major transformations. Oldman is completely unrecognizable as Winston Churchill in “Darkest Hour,” and so is Woody Harrelson in the upcoming Presidential biopic “Lbj,” directed by Rob Reiner.

Read MoreWoody Harrelson’s Hammy Performance Almost Makes ‘Lbj’ Worth Endorsing

The biopic picks up with Lbj in the wake of President Kennedy’s assassination on November 22, 1963. As the nation mourns, Johnson must contend with longtime adversary Attorney General Bobby Kennedy (Michael Stahl-David) and one-time mentor Georgia Senator Richard Russell (Richard Jenkins) as he seeks to honor JFK’s legacy by championing the historic Civil Rights Act of 1964. Jennifer Jason Leigh co-stars as Lbj’s devoted wife Lady Bird.

Lbj” premiered at Tiff last year to mostly unfavorable reviews, meaning we don’t expect to see Harrelson’s transformation factor into the upcoming awards race for Best Picture. »

- Zack Sharf

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Byron Allen Released the Highest-Grossing Indie of the Year, but Won’t Be Satisfied Until He’s the Next Walt Disney

18 hours ago

Summer is rarely the kindest season for indie film, but this year one title stood out: “47 Meters Down,” released by Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios. The Mandy Moore shark movie, which the distributor rescued from Dimension Films moments before it went direct to DVD, has earned over $42 million in its domestic release. It’s impressive — but Allen scoffed at the idea of becoming the new king of independents.

“I’m not chasing independence, I’m chasing Walt Disney,” he said. “I’m looking for a large piece of that box-office pie, not a tiny piece of that box-office pie.”

Allen, who began as a stand-up comedian, has the ambition to be a modern-day Walt Disney — or, he could be a 21st-century Don Quixote. As founder, chairman, and CEO of Entertainment Studios, Allen makes over $100 million annually syndicating and selling ad time on low-budget shows like “Comics Unleashed” and “We the People With Gloria Allred, »

- Michael Nordine and Dana Harris

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‘Master of None’ Co-Creator Alan Yang on Asian-American Representation and What It’ll Take for Season 3 to Happen

19 hours ago

Master of None” has been a boon for showcasing diversity with its inclusive casting and storylines that take a look at people who don’t always get screen time. From its Asian-American leading man Aziz Ansari and a slew of supporting cast who are people of color (and one who is gay) to the unique narratives that shift the spotlight to underserved groups, the Netflix series is also a standout for diversity behind the camera. It’s currently only one of a handful of TV series that can boast Asian-American creators.

Alan Yang, who created the series alongside Ansari, alluded to the importance of representation behind the scenes in his Emmy acceptance speech in 2016.

Read More‘Master of NoneSeason 2 Review: Aziz Ansari Travels to Italy and Returns with a Stunning Romance

“Seventeen million Asian-Americans in this country, and there are 17 million Italian-Americans,” he said. “They have ‘The Godfather,’ ‘Goodfellas, »

- Hanh Nguyen

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Stephen Colbert-Produced Comedy Animates Donald Trump for Showtime

19 hours ago

Stephen Colbert’s been more political than ever lately, a choice that is extending beyond “The Late Show” and into a more two-dimensional realm.

Read MoreStephen Colbert Compares Donald Trump, Jr.’s Russia Meeting to ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ — Watch

Showtime announced Thursday that the host will be executive producing a 10-episode animated series about Donald Trump and his family — the official description, per Showtime:

“The fresh, cutting-edge comedy will present the truish adventures of Trump’s confidants and bon vivants – family, top associates, heads of government, golf pros and anyone else straying into his orbit – intrepidly exploring their histories and their psyches, revealing insights into what makes them so definitively Trumpian. It’s a workplace comedy where the office happens to be oval; it’s a character study in search of character, as seen through the eyes of an imaginary documentary crew.”

The series is inspired by the opening sequence »

- Liz Shannon Miller

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