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Fargo Recap: In Case of Emergency, Break Glass

1 hour ago

Need to catch up? Check out our previous Fargo recap here.

Season 3 of Fargo has been sitting on simmer for a few weeks now, but it heated up to a full boil this week — and ah jeez, a main character wound up dead.

Ray is still fuming after Nikki’s savage beating at the hands of Yuri and Meemo. He grabs his gun, and they tail the two henchmen to an empty lot, where they spot V.M. Varga being ushered into a car. Nikki theorizes he’s the “head honcho,” and Ray’s ready to go after them, guns blazing. »

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Law & Order: Svu Finale Recap: Did Olivia and Barba Make the Right Call?

2 hours ago

Law & Order: Svu‘s season ender on Wednesday added another tragic layer onto its stock-in-trade sexual violence by bringing illegal immigration — and New York’s status as a sanctuary city — into an already harrowing rape-and-murder investigation.

Along the way, Olivia Benson did something she’s never had to do in her entire time on the force. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. First, a brief recap of the back-to-back episodes:

RelatedNBC Wins 2016-17 TV Season — And Without the Super Bowl or Olympics

Three masked men break into a Syrian family’s restaurant, steal the money, kill the father, rape both of his adult daughters, »

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Dirty Dancing: 20 Burning Questions About ABC's Curious Remake (Including That Bizarre Ending)

2 hours ago

If you’re reading this, I’d like to congratulate you on making it through ABC’s musical Dirty Dancing remake. I know the journey was perilous, so I intend to reward you handsomely for your courage.

VideosABC Trailers: Our Knee-Jerk Reactions to Marvel’s Inhumans, Shonda Rhimes’ For the People and More New Shows

But I’m not technically here to review the movie. (For that, you can consult Kim Roots’ A+ write-up of this D- movie, in which she notes that ABC “wouldn’t know what made the original film special if it hit them in the pachanga. »

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The 100 Boss Explains Finale's 'Reboot' Ending, Introduces Clarke's [Spoiler] and Shares Major Season 5 Scoop

3 hours ago

If you just finished watching Wednesday’s season finale of The 100, you’re probably asking yourself three questions: Who’s that girl? What’s that ship? And what’s coming next? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

VideoThe 100‘s Lindsey Morgan Recalls Raven’s Most ‘Badass’ Season 4 Moment

But before we dive into our chat with executive producer Jason Rothenberg, a quick recap of the episode’s big events:

* Following a few heart-to-heart talks, first with Bellamy (over the radio) and then with Indra, Octavia finally steps up as the commander — small C this time! »

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Empire Finale Recap: Was It an Unforgettable End to Season 3?

3 hours ago

Roughly 15 minutes into Empire‘s Season 3 finale on Wednesday it’s revealed that Andre and Shyne are planning to murder Lucious not with a bullet but with a bomb. What’s more, the I.E.D. is slated to be detonated outside of an event space (in this case a casino) following a musical performance. The eerie and, of course, unintended parallel to this week’s horrific terror attack in Manchester was impossible to ignore, and it remained so as the episode built to the inevitable, explosive climax. Should Fox have pulled — or at the very least tweaked — the episode in light of recent events? »

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Arrow Recap: Revisit 37 Great Moments From One Helluva Season 5 Finale

4 hours ago

The CW’s Arrow hit the bull’s-eye with its Season 5 finale on Wednesday night, delivering its best closer in at least three years, possibly more. (Seasons 1 and 2 aren’t so fresh in my #PeakTV’d bean, sorry.)

RelatedArrow: Katie Cassidy to Return as Series Regular for Season 6

Simply said, the hour was everything once expected and hoped for — a makeshift Team Arrow battling a battalion of baddie  — and more. For amid the assorted skirmishes, the superhero drama made time to carve out a plethora of character moments, giving people time to say the things that should and »

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The Get Down Cancelled at Netflix

4 hours ago

The Get Down is down for the count.

Netflix has cancelled Baz Luhrmann’s musical drama after just one season, our sister site Deadline reports.

RelatedCable/Streaming Renewal Scorecard: What’s Coming Back? What’s Cancelled? What’s On the Bubble?

The series, which was set in New York City’s South Bronx during the rise of hip-hop and the last days of disco in the late 1970s, debuted last August with six episodes, with an additional five episodes hitting the streaming service in April. It followed a collective of young musical artists and DJs known as the “Get Down »

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Twin Peaks Recap: The Bloom Is Off the Blue Rose, Plus: Bobby's a What Now?

4 hours ago

Need to catch up? Check out the previous Twin Peaks recap.

Do you think, way back when Kyle McLachlan signed on to play Twin Peaks‘ buttoned-up Agent Dale Cooper, he could’ve imagined a time when the most interesting thing he’d do in an entire episode would be a spit take?

Yeah, yeah, I know. Because it’s a David Lynchian spittake, it’s elevated to high art. The spittake has meaning that I just don’t understand. It’s a callback to Season 1, when Coop & Co. all were standing outside by the chalkboard outside. All will be revealed. »

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TVLine Items: Vera Farmiga's New Gig, SNL Star to Host Bet Awards and More

7 hours ago

Vera Farmiga has found her first post-Bates Motel TV role in Amazon’s upcoming sci-fi anthology series Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams.

RelatedGame of ThronesRichard Madden Joins Amazon’s Electric Dreams Anthology

Farmiga appears in the standalone episode “Kill All Others,” in which “a man hangs dead from a lamppost, apparently murdered and inexplicably ignored by passersby, after a politician (Farmiga) makes a shocking statement encouraging violence,” our sister site Deadline reports.

The installment also features Mel Rodriguez (The Last Man on Earth) as an extraordinarily average man and Sarah Baker (Big Little Lies, Louie) as his spouse. »

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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Supergirl, Scorpion, Lucifer, Younger, Will & Grace, New Girl, Bloodline, Arrow and More

8 hours ago

Got a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Send any/all of the above to askausiello@tvline.com

Question: Inquiring minds are desperate to know: Was Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival the subject of your recent blind item?! —Carol

Ausiello: Sure as hell wasn’t. Speaking of Tp, I’ve seen Episodes 3 and 4 and I have an announcement to make: My (minority) opinion remains unchanged, although I have to give props to Kyle MacLachlan for fearlessly committing to the wackadoodle material.

RelatedFall TV Schedule 2017: What’s on When? And Versus What?

Question: Anything you can tease about Scorpion? »

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Supernatural Season 13: Mark Sheppard Not Returning as a Series Regular

10 hours ago

It appears at least one of Supernatural‘s many finale deaths will stick.

Mark Sheppard will not return to the CW drama as a series regular for Season 13, TVLine has confirmed.

RelatedSupernatural Meets Scooby-Doo? Jinkies, It’s Happening!

Sheppard first hinted at his departure Tuesday night via an Instagram post: “So to all my #spnfamily everywhere… my crew and my fellow storytellers… thanks for the ride. Time for something new.”

Sheppard’s frenemy character Crowley — who recurred for several years before the actor was promoted to series regular in Season 10 — sacrificed his own life during last Thursday’s finale »

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Game of Thrones Season 7: 'The Great War Is Here' In First Official Trailer

12 hours ago

The countdown to Season 7 of Game of Thrones continues with the debut of the first official trailer!

As expected, everyone who ended Season 6 with designs on the Iron Throne remains determined to claim it, including Daenerys, who declares, “I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms — and I will!” There’s also a “great war” brewing, putting Queen Cersei on the defensive. “We’re the last Lannisters,” she says, presumably to Jaime. Then, perhaps because she remembers Tyrion, she adds, “The last ones who count.”

The trailer’s unveiling represents the fourth significant Season 7 asset drop, following the March release of the inaugural teaser, »

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Ratings: Prison Break and Bull Hit Lows vs. DWTS and Voice Finales; Flash Rises

13 hours ago

The penultimate episode of Fox’s Prison Break revival on Tuesday night drew 1.92 million total viewers and a 0.7 demo rating, slipping 20 percent and two tenths to mark season lows.

Opening Fox’s night, Brooklyn Nine-Nine double-episode finale averaged 1.7 mil and a 0.7, steady week-to-week; readers gave the closer an average grade of “A-.”

RelatedPrison Break Recap: The Apples Don’t Fall Far From the Trees

RelatedBrooklyn Nine-Nine Finale Recap: Are Jake and Rosa Going to [Spoiler]?


NBC | The recently renewed Great News averaged 3.1 mil/0.7, steady week-to-week with its finale. The Voice (9.1 mil/1.9) led the night in both measures while »

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The 100 Boss Previews the Race to Space, a Big Bellamy/Octavia Moment and More in the Season 4 Finale

14 hours ago

The clock has been ticking all season on The 100, and before Wednesday’s finale (The CW, 9/8c) comes to a close, it will have finally stopped.

VideoThe 100‘s Lindsey Morgan Recalls Raven’s Most ‘Badass’ Season 4 Moment, Previews ‘Sweaty’ Finale

“I knew right away that this is where it was going,” executive producer Jason Rothenberg tells TVLine. “It was about removing every other obstacle, every other choice, in [the characters’] path and presenting this almost suicidal, crazy attempt to go to space to get above the [death wave]. I love sci-fi, and this show really does live in a sci-fi world, »

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Handmaid's Tale Recap: A New Hope

16 hours ago

Need to catch up? Check out the previous The Handmaid’s Tale recap here.

The Handmaid’s Tale this week gives us a brief respite from the unrelenting horror of Offred’s existence… by clueing us in to the ongoing terror of her husband’s life since their family was forcibly split in the series premiere. Hey, at least the scenery is different!

Turns out, the Mexican diplomat’s assistant wasn’t lying: Luke is, indeed, still alive, well and living in Canada. And now we know how he got there — as well as what Offred wrote on the paper »

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Jon Stewart, HBO Not Moving Forward With Series of Animated Shorts

17 hours ago

Jon Stewart’s long-in-the-works Daily Show follow-up has come to an end — and it had barely even begun.

According to The New York Times, Stewart and HBO have agreed not to move forward with a previously announced, short-form animated project, citing that the production was “significantly more complicated than both sides expected.”

VideosColbert Calls for President Trump to Resign in Scathing Late Show Monologue

The shorts, of which little is known, were expected to release daily on HBO Go and HBO Now in the lead-up to the 2016 election, and were first announced as part of a four-year  deal Stewart signed »

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The Voice Finale: And the Winner Is…

23 May 2017 7:59 PM, PDT

Chris Blue, I put my “Money on You” to take home the title. I also spent my money on him, downloading his insanely catchy original single off iTunes. But when the dust settled on Season 12 of The Voice, when we stopped commenting on how mumble-mouthed a singer Hunter Plake is, groaning before every Mark Isaiah performance, doing shots anytime it was mentioned that Quizz Swanigan is the youngest competitor ever, hoping that Lilli Passero would live up to her Blind Auditions potential, and wondering if it was possible for Carson Daly to appear less engaged and more disingenuous, did Team Alicia’s master showman win? »

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Dancing With the Stars Finale Recap: Did the Right Couple Win Season 24?

23 May 2017 7:58 PM, PDT

Just in case you were feeling anxious about who would win Dancing With the Stars‘ 24th season, the ABC series found a way to calm your nerves on Tuesday night: by stretching its finale across two-and-a-half hours.

Even though Dancing‘s three finalists brought their A-game during Monday’s performance finale — and our highly scientific TVLine poll showed a very tight race between Normani Kordei and Rashad Jennings — Tuesday’s season ender was less about naming a champion and more about reflecting on the highs and lows of the last two months. (And there’s nothing to get your mind off a stressful, »

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Prison Break Recap: The Apples Don't Fall Far From the Trees

23 May 2017 7:00 PM, PDT

With its penultimate episode, Fox’s Prison Break revival tended to a bit of housekeeping (Where is Sofia?), returned Michael and Linc to the States, sent Whip on a surprising journey and in its final moments sprung a deadly trap.

RelatedPrison Break ‘Definitely’ Could Continue On, Says Fox Boss

After the fellas hitch a ride from the site of the blown-up cargo ship to Marseilles, France, Michael gleans from a text message (that incorrectly referred to “Mike Jr.”) that Jacob is holding Sara captive, so the clock is ticking. Lincoln brings Michael up to speed on his own past »

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Pretty Little Liars Recap: Who Left? Who's Back? And Who's the Daddy?

23 May 2017 6:34 PM, PDT

Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars found Aria taking a reluctant walk on the wild side, during which she revealed all of her friends’ secrets to… herself?

RelatedPretty Little LiarsLucy Hale on Aria’s Dark Turn: ‘People Are Angry’

Yes, Aria was tormented (via video chat) by a digital version of herself, who managed to scare the crap out of me — even with that wonk-ass mouth. And working with the enemy put our girl on edge, to the point where she snapped at Ezra for wanting to help Nicole. “Stay!” she told him. “Make things right. Here. Now.” Unfortunately, »

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