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‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’ Sneak Peek Hints at Season 2 Case

9 hours ago | Variety - TV News | See recent Variety - TV News news »

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency” was one of the final pop culture pieces to present at San Diego Comic-Con this year, but fans of the BBC America sci-fi series were not left disappointed.

That’s because a new sneak peek for Season 2 has officially dropped, featuring stars Samuel Barnett, Elijah Wood, and Jade Eshete.

In the clip, Barnett’s titular Dirk finds himself held captive in some sort of futuristic prison. Wood and Eshete then break into the building in an attempt to rescue their eccentric friend — complete with their same masks from Season 1. Unfortunately, it turns out just to be a bad dream with Dirk remaining in the clutches of his captors.

Dirk Gently” is based on novels by Douglas Adams, the beloved British author who wrote “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” Max Landis created, primarily wrote, and exec produced the series.

Series regulars Fiona Dourif, Dustin Milligan »

- JD Knapp

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‘Doctor Who’: Pearl Mackie Confirms She’s Exiting Series After Christmas Episode

8 hours ago | Indiewire Television | See recent Indiewire Television news »

The Comic-Con panel for “Doctor Who” was always going to be a bit bittersweet since this was the last one for Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. Sadly, Pearl Mackie, who plays new companion Bill Potts, also confirmed that she will be leaving the series after the Christmas special.

Mackie has become an instant fan-favorite from her very first episode. Bill Potts had the honor of being the first openly gay companion in the series. While her sexuality wasn’t the main focus for her character, it wasn’t ignored either. In scenes throughout the season, various characters were seen accepting the fact that she is gay with no real issues. In the season finale, she was seen joining her love interest from the first episode to explore space aboard an alien ship.

Read More‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Teaser Trailer: Two Doctors Tackle a Twist in Time

Bill was also particularly »

- Hanh Nguyen

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Jake Paul Exits Disney Channel’s ‘Bizaardvark’ Mid-Season

22 July 2017 9:47 PM, PDT | Variety - TV News | See recent Variety - TV News news »

YouTube star Jake Paul will be leaving the Disney Channel’s “Bizaardvark” in the middle of Season 2. Disney announced the casting news Saturday evening.

Paul then confirmed the news on Twitter in a written message to fans. “Long story short… my team, Disney Channel, and I have come to the agreement it’s finally time for me to move on from the Disney family and ‘Bizaardvark,” he began. “At this point in time I am wanting to focus more on my personal brand, my YouTube channel, business ventures, growing Team 10, and working on more adult acting roles.”

The 20-year-old (who has 8 million subscribers on YouTube) joined the Disney Channel Original Series when it first began last year. The sometimes musical sitcom spoof on Internet celebrities premiered last June and is currently airing its second season. However, Paul will no longer be part of “Bizaardvark” when it resumes production this coming week.

While »

- JD Knapp

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Paige Davis

1 hour ago | TVovermind.com | See recent TVovermind.com news »

Hosting popular television shows is one of the most difficult jobs in the entertainment industry. While hosting is a talent in itself, many of the most prominent hosts on television are remarkable performers in their own right. Such is the case with the highly popular and versatile Paige Davis. Davis rose to fame thanks to her incredible hosting work on Trading Spaces. While she departed from the series for several years, she is set to return again as host of the show. Despite becoming a household name, many people think of Davis as only a television host. In reality, she

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Paige Davis »

- Timothy Hickey

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Game of Thrones: Did One Line in This Week's Episode Change Everything?

2 hours ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Sunday’s Game of Thrones

And just like that, Game of Thrones‘ promised savior seems that much more promising.

Melisandre met Daenerys in Sunday’s episode — read our full recap here —  and it wasn’t long before the two formidable women started discussing the Red Priestess’ favorite subject: The Prince Who Was Promised, aka the reincarnation of legendary hero Azor Ahai. Fans of the show will recall that Melisandre used to think Stannis was the prophesied savior of mankind, but as of late (and in light of his death), she’s had second thoughts. »

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Turn Washington’s Spies Review: “Quarry” Signals Battle

2 hours ago | TVovermind.com | See recent TVovermind.com news »

I should apologize again for the lateness of this review. The good news is that I’ve been covering San Diego Comic-Con, and I should have quite a few good things to offer my readers here in a few short weeks. Unfortunately, that means that my regular reviews have fallen by the wayside. More good news: Turn: Washington’s Spies turned in another spectacularly tense hour this week. Let’s talk about it. Having become ever more aware of the history behind this show, part of the tension had everything to do with worrying that Turn would go further off the rails from history. The killing

Turn Washington’s Spies Review: “Quarry” Signals Battle »

- Nick Hogan

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One Piece Hollywood Live-Action TV Series: What We Know

2 hours ago | TVovermind.com | See recent TVovermind.com news »

One Piece is a Japanese manga series centered around a super-powered boy named Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates, who are searching for a fabulous treasure called “One Piece” so that he can fulfill his dreams of becoming the next Pirate King. Said manga has been running since July 19 of 1997, which should make it clear that it is one of the most successful manga out there. If not, there are also its anime series, its 13 animated movies, and its dozens and dozens of video games. However, what is interesting is that there is now a

One Piece Hollywood Live-Action TV Series: What We Know »

- Nat Berman

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Game of Thrones: The 7 Most Important Things to Happen in "Stormborn"

3 hours ago | TVGuide - Breaking News | See recent TVGuide - Breaking News news »

Let's be honest! (Can I be honest?) Game of Thrones got off to an okay start to Season 7 last week. Yes, I said "okay." We were all so incredibly thrilled to have Game of Thrones back in our lives that we forgot to pay attention to whether or not the episode was good or not and we lavished it with


Read More > »

- Tim Surette

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‘Game of Thrones’ Review: Family Means Nothing in ‘Stormborn,’ As History Begins to Die Too

3 hours ago | Indiewire Television | See recent Indiewire Television news »

[Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for “Game of Thrones” Season 7, Episode 2, “Stormborn.”]

Family has meant nearly everything in the world of “Game of Thrones.” The reputation of notable houses, the legacy of rulers and great men that line those history books have done as much to guide the actions of these characters as their own instincts. But after the events of “Stormborn,” that guiding principle of using the past to help shape the future looks to be as outdated as it’s ever been.

Take Aerys Targaryen, the Mad King whose very nickname casts a shadow on Westeros’ coming war, even after his successor’s successor’s successor has been wiped from the throne. In Dany’s new stronghold of Dragonstone (introduced at the top of this episode like Xanadu or some Transylvanian castle from a pre-code monster flick), Varys’ past allegiances are the first to be questioned. Dany’s short learning curve as a leader has meant a careful weeding out »

- Steve Greene

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Insecure Season 2 Premiere Recap: Was It 'Hella Great' for You, Too?

3 hours ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

As Molly’s therapist would say, there was a lot to “unpack” in the Season 2 premiere of HBO’s stellar dramedy, Insecure: Issa’s uncertain-at-best future with Lawrence, the significance (or lack thereof) of his hookup with… Wait! Hold up! Molly actually got a therapist?!? Indeed she did, and her approach to counseling was, as a Season 1 episode title might have called it, funny as f—. Read on for all the deets…

RelatedCable/Streaming Scorecard: What’s Renewed? What’s Cancelled?

Food For Thought | When “Hella Great” began, we were misled to believe that Issa and Lawrence were not only »

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5 Reasons We’re Pumped for Vikings Season 5

3 hours ago | TVovermind.com | See recent TVovermind.com news »

It’s been a long, bloody ride to this point but Vikings season 5 is almost here. The show is heating up even more than before as it sets itself for an epic clash that fans are chomping at the bit to see. Ivar the Boneless is a madman, but he is a dangerous, unpredictable madman. If you don’t believe that ask Sigurd. The knights of the church are coming to wreak havoc upon the vikings, and Ivar, oh yes, he will be a real factor in this season, he is bent upon killing Lagertha for what she did. The epic

5 Reasons We’re Pumped for Vikings Season 5 »

- Wake

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‘Ballers’ Premiere Review: Season 3’s ‘Seeds of Expansion’ Promises to Extend The Action Beyond Miami

4 hours ago | Indiewire Television | See recent Indiewire Television news »

Read More‘Ballers’ Season Finale Review: Here’s How Hard The Rock Balled in Season 2 [Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for “Ballers” Season 3, Episode 1, “Seeds of Expansion.”]

As always, the life of a baller is filled with ups and downs, especially on “Ballers.” Thus, in the season premiere, we see the beginning of key storylines for Vernon (Donovan Carter), Charles (Omar Miller) and Ricky (John David Washington): Vernon’s got a new apparel business in the works, Charles is taking on more responsibility as a member of the Dolphins’ front office… and whoops, looks like Ricky is going to be a father, courtesy of a not-so-stable past (and present) hook-up.

It’s an awful lot of set-up, which we’ll undoubtedly dig into more as the season progresses, but none of the questions surrounding those narratives are as important as this one…

Someone read our dream journal: Season 3 of “Ballers” literally begins with The Rock balling. Specifically, he’s playing a »

- Liz Shannon Miller

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Game of Thrones Recap: Storm Warning

4 hours ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

Need to catch up? Check out our previous Game of Thrones recap.

There’s a storm a-brewin’ on Game of Thrones, with Daenerys Stormborn plotting her quest for world domination… but is her ship sunk already?

VideosGame of Thrones @ Comic-Con: Daenerys and Melisandre Face Off in New Season 7 Trailer

Read on for the highlights of “Stormborn”:

Dragonstone | Amid a massive downpour, Daenerys lays out her gameplan with the help of Tyrion and Varys, who assures her that Cersei’s pretty well hated throughout Westeros. Daenerys questions his loyalties, though, since Varys quickly turned on her father to support »

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‘Game of Thrones’ Recap: New Alliances Begin to Form as War Approaches

4 hours ago | Variety - TV News | See recent Variety - TV News news »

Spoiler Alert: Do not keep reading if you have not seen Season 7 Episode 2 of “Game of Thrones

This week’s episode of “Game of Thrones” opened at Dragonstone, the new island home base of Daenerys Targaryen. The island is beset by a storm, which Tyrion remarks is not dissimilar from the storm on the night Daenerys was born. She and her advisers plot the best way to take over Westeros with the smallest number of lives lost. But Daenerys is weary of Varys, due to his repeated changes of loyalty throughout his life. But Varys delivers an impassioned speech in his defense, saying he lives to serve poor people like he once was and that he has only ever worked for the good of the realm. Daenerys accepts his answer, but promises that if he betrays her she will burn him alive.

Greyworm then informs her that Melisandre has arrived to speak with her. Melisandre »

- Joe Otterson

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Why Shark Week Still Wins Me Over Despite it Being More Fake than Ever

4 hours ago | TVovermind.com | See recent TVovermind.com news »

Sharks are one of the most dangerous but misunderstood creatures in the world. They are indeed savage when they’re provoked and can tear a human to shreds if one decides to so foolishly irritate them, but overall they don’t really do much more than nudge a human now and then out of curiosity. The famed “shark week” that has been going on for 29 years now and is a week-long block of shark-based programming that initially gave a lot of interesting information about sharks and how to protect their natural environment. In the past several years and even the last

Why Shark Week Still Wins Me Over Despite it Being More Fake than Ever »

- Wake

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‘Twin Peaks’ Review: Part 11 Puts a Funny Spin on David Fincher as Agent Cooper Edges Closer to Reality

4 hours ago | Indiewire Television | See recent Indiewire Television news »

[Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for “Twin Peaks: The Return” (2017), Season 3, Episode 11, “Part 11.”]

“Damn good” only begins to describe Part 11 of “Twin Peaks: The Return,” an episode in which a lot of pieces came together both for the series’ central mystery and within its hero’s restricted mind.

First, let’s address what’s in the box. For all the parodies and homages that reference David Fincher’s iconic scene in “Seven,” this one may take the cake– well, the pie. The long drive into the desert. The long row of telephone lines on the side of the road. A mysterious box. An unarmed man held at gunpoint. These are the same images that evoked trepidation in Fincher’s film, but Lynch created a playful tone for “Twin Peaks.”

Read More‘Twin Peaks’: David Lynch’s Short Film, The Cast Reacts to Dougie, and More Highlights From Comic-Con

From the remixed version of “Viva Las Vegas” that kicks off Cooper’s »

- Ben Travers

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Power Recap: If the Feds Aren't Legit, You Must Acquit — Plus: Who Dies?

4 hours ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

Need to catch up? Check out the previous Power recap here.

The dumpster fire that is Angela’s legal career continues to blaze in this week’s Power, but at least this latest conflagration is for a noble-ish cause: Assistant U.S. Attorney Valdes’ honesty about her co-workers’ dishonesty gets Ghost’s case dropped.

But before you start feeling good about anything, Ghost kills a guy during the hour, too. Angie puts it best when she rebuffs James’ thanks for her part in securing his freedom, saying, “Maybe you didn’t do this crime, but we both know you’re not innocent. »

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Last Ship Season 4 Trailer: Chandler & Co. Face Last Chance to Save the Earth

5 hours ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

Will Tom Chandler come out of “retirement” to play hero again?

The Season 4 trailer for TNT’s The Last Ship — revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con on Sunday — opens with that question, as we sneak a peek at the former Navy captain’s new idyllic life (and love?) on Greece. Alas, the Red Flu has “jumped kingdoms” and infected the world’s food crops, turning the sole surviving source of sustenance into a highly volatile bargaining chip.

PhotosLast Ship First Look: Jackson Rathbone Makes Waves in Chandler’s Quiet Life

As forces conspire to hold the key to avoiding global starvation for ransom, »

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Five Least Favorite Game of Thrones Characters of All-Time

5 hours ago | TVovermind.com | See recent TVovermind.com news »

Everyone has their favorites and their least favorites when it comes to Game of Thrones. Granted, not everyone will agree with this list, but while reading through countless forums and discussions and articles these seem to be the most common names that popped up. It’s okay to disagree, some people might actually like the most despicable characters on the show and that’s just fine. But popular opinion tends to agree that the five listed below are some of the least liked characters on GoT, and that’s saying something. The least liked character list could go on for pages it would

Five Least Favorite Game of Thrones Characters of All-Time »

- Wake

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Young and the Restless: Can Cane Win Lilly Back?

6 hours ago | TVovermind.com | See recent TVovermind.com news »

Young and the Restless fans are wondering what is going to happen with Cane and Lilly. Their marriage is clearly an issue right now, and she’s not sure what she wants to do. She loves her husband, but is there a chance she wants to stay married to him or is she looking to divorce him? She wants to believe he had no idea what happened in that room. She wants to believe his version of the truth – if she can even believe his version of the truth is any version of the truth – and she wants to

Young and the Restless: Can Cane Win Lilly Back? »

- Tiffany Raiford

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