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Let’s See What Hints We Can Find in These 28 Screenshots from the ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Trailer (Photos)

8 hours ago | The Wrap | See recent The Wrap news »

Game of Thrones” Season 7 is just a few short weeks away. In HBO’s first major trailer for the season, we’ve gotten a ton of glimpses at what to expect — starting with a full-scale war with the Lannisters taking on the rest of Westeros. We’ve poured through the rest of the trailer to see what hints can be gleaned. Cersei (Lena Headey) went darker than she ever has before at the end of Season 6, and she’s clearly taking her battle queen approach even further this season. The opening image of the trailer: a shadowy Cersei preparing for war. »

- Phil Hornshaw

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Ellen DeGeneres Lands New Netflix Stand-Up Special

12 hours ago | Variety - TV News | See recent Variety - TV News news »

Ellen DeGeneres will appear in a brand new stand up special for Netflix, Variety has confirmed.

“It has been 15 years since I did a stand-up special. 15 years,” DeGeneres said in a statement. “And I’m writing it now, I can’t wait. I’ll keep you posted when and where I’m gonna shoot my Netflix special. I’m excited to do it; I’m excited for you to see it.”

DeGeneres got her start in stand up comedy before transitioning into acting and then hosting her syndicated daytime show. Now going into its fifteenth season, the show has earned a total of 59 Daytime Emmy Awards. She also had the honor of hosting the Academy Awards, the Primetime Emmys, and the Grammy Awards. Most recently, President Obama presented DeGeneres with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in November 2016.

The new special will mark her first since 2000, when she appeared in “Ellen DeGeneres: The Beginning” for HBO.

She »

- Joe Otterson

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‘Twin Peaks’: Former Series Star Joan Chen Pitches Her Character’s Wild Return to David Lynch

13 hours ago | Indiewire | See recent Indiewire news »

David Lynch’s wildly anticipated “Twin Peaks” revival is kitted out with plenty of talented faces — over 200, both old and new — but there’s still a handful of original stars who were not tapped to return for the Showtime series. One of them is Joan Chen, who played Josie Packard during the show’s original run (and, incidentally, was the very first face to appear in the series’ very first episode, way back in 1990).

Chen, however, is eager to change that, and The Hollywood Reporter shares a compelling — and kind of wild — letter from the actress that she sent to Lynch, asking for her role to be reprised. Given that Chen’s character ended her “Twin Peaks” run as a drawer knob, it’s obviously written from a unique perspective.

“Dear David, »

- Kate Erbland

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‘SNL’ Star Leslie Jones to Host 2017 ‘BET Awards’

14 hours ago | The Wrap | See recent The Wrap news »

Saturday Night Live” player Leslie Jones is set to host the 2017 “BET Awards.”

“I am so excited to be hosting The BET Awards this year,” Jones said on Wednesday. “BET was the first network and place where I was on TV — I am looking to turn this whole experience into a joyful homecoming.”

As previously announced, Beyoncé dominates this year’s nominations with a total of seven including Best Female R&B/Pop Artist, Best Collaboration with Kendrick Lamar for “Freedom,” Video of the Year, and Album of the Year for “Lemonade.” Bruno Mars follows with five nods including Album of the Year, »

- Tony Maglio

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Vera Farmiga Joins Cast of Anthology Series ‘Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams’

16 hours ago | Variety - TV News | See recent Variety - TV News news »

Oscar- and Emmy-nominated actress Vera Farmiga will follow “Bates Motel” by checking in to another TV series, having signed on to star in an episode of Channel 4 anthology series “Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams.” Farmiga will star alongside actor Mel Rodriguez (“The Last Man on Earth”) in an episode entitled “Kill All Others,” from Emmy-nominated U.S. writer-director Dee Rees.

Farmiga plays a politician who makes a shocking statement encouraging violence. Rodriguez plays the one man who dares to question the situation and finds himself an instant target. “Straight Outta Compton” star Jason Mitchell, Glenn Morshower and Sarah Brown co-star in the episode.

Farmiga received an Academy Award nomination for her supporting role in Jason Reitman’s 2009 film “Up in the Air.” She was nominated for an Emmy in 2013 for her leading role as Norma Bates in A+E Networks’ “Bates Motel.” Rees was nominated for two Emmys for co-writing and directing single-drama TV biopic »

- Robert Mitchell

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Could There Be a WWE Theme Park on the Way?

1 hour ago | TVovermind.com | See recent TVovermind.com news »

When I first watched pro wrestling as a kid it was amazing.  Not only is it “real” when you’re a kid, it simply blows you away.  Sports and entertainment rolled into one is the ultimate stimulus for a little dude who’s growing up.  It’s why to this day I look back fondly on the old WWF and stars like Randy Savage, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Tito Santana, Hulk Hogan, Junkyard Dog, Jimmy Snuka, and the list goes on. But as a little kid little did I understand the profitability of such an organization.  I think at the time most of

Could There Be a WWE Theme Park on the Way? »

- Nat Berman

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‘Archer’ Finale Review: ‘Dreamland’ Ends Season 8 with A Message to Fans and A Bigger Mystery Than Ever

1 hour ago | Indiewire Television | See recent Indiewire Television news »

[Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for “Archer Dreamland” Season 8, Episode 8, “Auflösung.”]

For those wondering but unwilling to use Google, “auflösung” — the title of the Season 8 finale — is German for “resolution.” But while “Archer” certainly resolved the central mystery of “Dreamland,” Adam Reed’s last episode of 2017 didn’t end it. Or maybe it did. We don’t really know the lasting effects of what we just saw, and while that’s partially enticing — considering how creative the “Archer” team can be — it’s also a little disappointing.

To sum up the plot: Barry, Trexler’s henchman-turned-cyborg, was the one who killed Woodhouse. As Archer reminded us last week, that’s how “Archer Dreamland” began: with Archer out to avenge the death of his partner. In the end, though, it was Krieger, the Frankenstein to Barry’s monster, who killed Woodhouse’s killer by unleashing a pack of robot dogs on the unstoppable assassin. It takes a robot to kill a robot, »

- Ben Travers

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The 100 Season Finale Review: The Race Against “Praimfaya”

1 hour ago | TVovermind.com | See recent TVovermind.com news »

Time and time again, The 100 outdoes itself. Rarely have I seen a show get progressively better with age, but The 100 has done exactly that. I was sure that they wouldn’t kill off all their characters, but I was not sure how they would keep the show going once disaster struck. I am happy to report, however, that they have exceeded my expectations in every way. I’m only disappointed in the slightest because I want Season 5 to start tomorrow, and now I have to wait until midseason 2018. This week on the season finale of The 100: Everyone at the bunker quietly falls

The 100 Season Finale Review: The Race Against “Praimfaya” »

- Nick Hogan

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‘Fargo’ Review: A Battle Between Ewan McGregors Has Never Felt So Wretched — And Season 3 Never More Exciting

1 hour ago | Indiewire Television | See recent Indiewire Television news »

[Editor’s Note: The review below contains spoilers for “Fargo” Season 3, Episode 6, “The Lord of No Mercy.”]

Immediate Reaction

Gloria Burgle to the rescue!

After an episode of incredible tension and unexpected tragedy, we didn’t realize how badly we needed to hear Carrie Coon say, “Screw it,” whip the cruiser around, and high-tail it back to “the P.O.’s domicile.” While the simultaneously ominous and uplifting strings certainly served to get our hearts beating, “Fargo” may as well have played Bonnie Tyler’s famous “Footloose” jam “Holding Out for a Hero” — because one is on the way!

It’s just we had to hold out a little too long. Just enough road blocks were thrown in front of Burgle to keep her from cracking the case earlier, and all that time led to an inevitable tragedy. Ray (Ewan McGregor) is the first major victim of Season 3 (unless you count the annual pilot sacrifice of Scoot McNairy’s Maurice Lafay), in a particularly well-orchestrated offing. First »

- Ben Travers

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Fargo Recap: In Case of Emergency, Break Glass

1 hour ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

Need to catch up? Check out our previous Fargo recap here.

Season 3 of Fargo has been sitting on simmer for a few weeks now, but it heated up to a full boil this week — and ah jeez, a main character wound up dead.

Ray is still fuming after Nikki’s savage beating at the hands of Yuri and Meemo. He grabs his gun, and they tail the two henchmen to an empty lot, where they spot V.M. Varga being ushered into a car. Nikki theorizes he’s the “head honcho,” and Ray’s ready to go after them, guns blazing. »

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Five Things You Didn’t Know about Hannah Ferrier

2 hours ago | TVovermind.com | See recent TVovermind.com news »

You may recognize Hannah Ferrier from her role on the hit reality television series Below Deck: Mediterranean. For those of you who don’t watch the show, she is the Chief Stewardess on a beautiful 150 foot yacht. The show is a spin-off of the parent series Below Deck on Bravo. While Hannah brings a lot to the show with her bright and witty personality, there is a lot about her that fans probably don’t know about. She’s on her way up the popularity chain and the attention is well deserved, but here are five things that you didn’t know about

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Hannah Ferrier »

- Nat Berman

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Arrow Season 5 Episode 23 Review: “Lian Yu”

2 hours ago | TVovermind.com | See recent TVovermind.com news »

Despite the ups and downs that Arrow has had over the years, it has always been and still remains my favorite of The CW’s Dctv shows. Even when the villains have been lackluster or stories have been convoluted, Arrow‘s characters have always kept me watching, always kept me anticipating each and every new episode with great excitement. Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, Thea, and the rest of the show’s mainstays made me want to watch every single week, even as I doubted that the show could ever return to the incredible heights of its universally beloved second season. Thank God for these characters and thank God

Arrow Season 5 Episode 23 Review: “Lian Yu” »

- Chris King

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Law & Order: Svu Finale Recap: Did Olivia and Barba Make the Right Call?

2 hours ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

Law & Order: Svu‘s season ender on Wednesday added another tragic layer onto its stock-in-trade sexual violence by bringing illegal immigration — and New York’s status as a sanctuary city — into an already harrowing rape-and-murder investigation.

Along the way, Olivia Benson did something she’s never had to do in her entire time on the force. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. First, a brief recap of the back-to-back episodes:

RelatedNBC Wins 2016-17 TV Season — And Without the Super Bowl or Olympics

Three masked men break into a Syrian family’s restaurant, steal the money, kill the father, rape both of his adult daughters, »

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Dirty Dancing: 20 Burning Questions About ABC's Curious Remake (Including That Bizarre Ending)

2 hours ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

If you’re reading this, I’d like to congratulate you on making it through ABC’s musical Dirty Dancing remake. I know the journey was perilous, so I intend to reward you handsomely for your courage.

VideosABC Trailers: Our Knee-Jerk Reactions to Marvel’s Inhumans, Shonda Rhimes’ For the People and More New Shows

But I’m not technically here to review the movie. (For that, you can consult Kim Roots’ A+ write-up of this D- movie, in which she notes that ABC “wouldn’t know what made the original film special if it hit them in the pachanga. »

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The 20 Worst Movie Roles of Otherwise Solid Actors

2 hours ago | TVovermind.com | See recent TVovermind.com news »

Sometimes movies are hard to watch simply because their plot lines are horrible, the casting is subpar, or the subject is simply not covered in a way that viewers can relate to. The worst thing that can happen however, to the viewers and the actors involved, is to place the actors in a position that they must essentially put aside their principles and even their passion for acting by accepting the worst movie roles possible. When this happens it’s pretty obvious most times that the actors aren’t having a good time. This can affect a movie in many ways, not

The 20 Worst Movie Roles of Otherwise Solid Actors »

- Chris Norton

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‘Empire’ Showrunner on Finale Cliffhanger, Season 4 ‘Trumpian’ Theme (Spoilers)

2 hours ago | Variety - TV News | See recent Variety - TV News news »

Spoiler Alert: Do not read ahead if you have not watched the “Empire” Season 3 finale, which aired on Wednesday, May 24.

Following the first part of “Empire’s” Season 3 finale last week, which killed off Tariq (Morocco Omari) at the hands of Lucious’ mother (Leslie Uggams), the grand finale nearly saw the death of another main character — none other than Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard).

Through the entire season, Andre (Trai Byers) has been plotting to kill his father. Well, Wednesday’s season finale saw that plan come to fruition, but Andre had a last-minute change of heart and ended up saving Lucious’ life within a second. That being said, Lucious knocked on death’s door.

Andre and Shyne’s (Xzibit) plan was to blow up the car that Lucious would be getting into, and though Andre urged him to stop the explosion, Shyne wanted to go through with the plan. Just as Lucious and Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) were »

- Elizabeth Wagmeister

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Five Things You Didn’t Know about Truth and Iliza

3 hours ago | TVovermind.com | See recent TVovermind.com news »

Truth & Iliza is the new comedic talk show featuring comedienne Iliza Shlesinger. The show airs tuesdays at 10/9c. The hilarious late night program focuses on a central them for each episode. It comems in the form of a question and Iliza involves the audience, celebrity guests, interviews and through sketches that relay her opinions with side splitting humor. The comedy show is presented straightforward and is sensationally funny, but here are five things you didn’t know about Truth and Iliza. 1. Iliza is tackling important sociopolitical issues Although there are a lot of laughs in her show, Iliza is

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Truth and Iliza »

- Nat Berman

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‘Empire’ Ep On Tonight’s Fiery Finale, Next Season’s Reset & Not Mentioning Trump

3 hours ago | Deadline TV | See recent Deadline TV news »

Spoiler Alert: This story contains details of tonight's Empire Season 3 finale on Fox.  "Empire is all about conflict, the unexpected and high drama," executive producer Ilene Chaiken says of tonight's explosive Season 3 finale. Based on the episode, certainly no one can ever accuse Empire of going out on a whimper when there is a bang available, and that's what Fox’s hip hop drama created by Lee Daniels and Danny Strong ended on — literally and figuratively. After a… »

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The 100 Boss Explains Finale's 'Reboot' Ending, Introduces Clarke's [Spoiler] and Shares Major Season 5 Scoop

3 hours ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

If you just finished watching Wednesday’s season finale of The 100, you’re probably asking yourself three questions: Who’s that girl? What’s that ship? And what’s coming next? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

VideoThe 100‘s Lindsey Morgan Recalls Raven’s Most ‘Badass’ Season 4 Moment

But before we dive into our chat with executive producer Jason Rothenberg, a quick recap of the episode’s big events:

* Following a few heart-to-heart talks, first with Bellamy (over the radio) and then with Indra, Octavia finally steps up as the commander — small C this time! »

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Empire Finale Recap: Was It an Unforgettable End to Season 3?

3 hours ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

Roughly 15 minutes into Empire‘s Season 3 finale on Wednesday it’s revealed that Andre and Shyne are planning to murder Lucious not with a bullet but with a bomb. What’s more, the I.E.D. is slated to be detonated outside of an event space (in this case a casino) following a musical performance. The eerie and, of course, unintended parallel to this week’s horrific terror attack in Manchester was impossible to ignore, and it remained so as the episode built to the inevitable, explosive climax. Should Fox have pulled — or at the very least tweaked — the episode in light of recent events? »

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