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Poll: Next Wolverine Casting

Logan (2017) is Hugh Jackman's last appearance as Wolverine. He explained in an interview with The New York Times that the character will go on and another actor will replace him in near future. Hugh Jackman believes Tom Hardy is a perfect fit as his replacement. Do you think Tom Hardy could pull off being the next Wolverine? If not, to which actor do you think Hugh Jackman should pass the torch?

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    Tom Hardy

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    Scott Eastwood

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    Clive Standen

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    Edgar Ramírez

  5. Vote!

    Joe Manganiello

  6. Vote!

    Charlie Hunnam

  7. Vote!

    Aidan Turner

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    Jack Reynor

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    Richard Madden

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    Scott Adkins

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    Jason Momoa

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    Blake Jenner

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    Liam Hemsworth

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    Michiel Huisman

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    Taylor Kitsch

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    Logan Marshall-Green

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    Jamie Dornan

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    Jon Bernthal

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    Frank Grillo

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    Kit Harington

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    Jake Gyllenhaal

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    Scott Caan

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    Norman Reedus

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    Joel Edgerton

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    Sam Worthington

  26. Vote!

    Pedro Pascal

    Added: 11/29/2017
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    Alexander Skarsgård

    Added: 11/29/2017
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    Dan Stevens

    Added: 11/29/2017
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    Zac Efron

    Added: 11/29/2017
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    Ben Barnes

    Added: 11/29/2017