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Poll: Favorite DC Branded Live-Action TV Series

Which live-action episodic TV series* that features DC characters managed by DC Entertainment is your favorite, so far? * includes broadcast, cable, streaming and web series

Warner Brother's subsidiary, DC Entertainment and it's units: DC Films, DC Television, DC Animation, DC Comics and DC Portfolio are part of the juggernaut responsible for creating new projects and managing the existing DC comics TV series portfolio. Krypton (2018), Black Lightning (2018), Ronin (????), DMZ (????), Amped (????), Titans (2018), Unfollow, Scalped, #4Hero, DC's Hero Project, Static Shock, Y: The Last Man and Red are the next generation of potential DC Television TV series that are currently in-development. The shows will hopefully be a part of a legacy of existing live-action DC Entertainment TV character series that have been popular, legendary and iconic over the years.

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    Gotham (2014)

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    Smallville (2001)

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    Arrow (2012)

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    Batman (1966)

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    Supergirl (2015)

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    Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993)

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    The Flash (2014)

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    Adventures of Superman (1952)

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    Legends of Tomorrow (2016)

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    Wonder Woman (1975)

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    iZombie (2015)

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    Superboy (1988)

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    Lucifer (2015)

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    The Flash (1990)

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    Constantine (2014)

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    Swamp Thing (1990)

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    Preacher (2016)

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    Human Target (1992)

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    Birds of Prey (2002)

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    Isis (1975)

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    Human Target (2010)

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    Shazam! (1974)

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    Powerless (2017)