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Poll: Characters Who Just Can't Be Hanged!

All these people are characters who survived a hanging or beat the hangman's noose. Who is your favorite? To discuss the list, click here.

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    Robin Hood

    This is the most famous one and deserves to start off this list.
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    He explains in Son of Frankenstein (1939), "They hanged me once Frankenstein. They broke my neck. They said I was dead. Then they cut me down. They threw me in here, long ago. They wouldn't bury me in holy place like churchyard. Because I stole bodies, eh they said. So, Ygor is dead! So, Dr. Frankenstein. Nobody can mend Ygor's neck. It's alright."
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    As long as Quasimodo was around to protect her in The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939) (1939), nobody was going to be able to hang her.
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    Dr. Henryk Savaard

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    Glyn McLyntock

    (The one on the right.) Even though it is hinted at many times in the beginning of the picture with McLyntock's hand going up to the bandana tied around his neck, it isn't until the end when the rope burn scars on his neck are revealed and McLyntock informs the others that someone indeed had tried to hang him.
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    Emerson Cole

    (The one on the left.) Proof positive that, in movies, sometimes the wrong man does escape the hangman's noose.
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    Cat Ballou

    I didn't pick that picture but it is so right for this list. But she does escape the gallows by riding in a hearse.
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    He survives more than one.
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    Marshal Jed Cooper

    It is kind of fitting since he is from the movie "Hang 'Em High (1968)" with its well known Clint Eastwood line "[showing his hanging scar] When you hang a man, you better look at him."
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    Jack the Ripper

    In the old TV show Kolchak: The Night Stalker (1974) (1974 - 1975), episode The Ripper (1974) (1974), it is revealed that this infamous serial killer has lived for over a hundred years and survived an attempt to hang him legally.
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    Sir Percival

    This knight from the King Arthur has survived a hanging as described in Excalibur (1981) (1981).
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    It is hard to remember that the town was building a gallows to hang him in Silverado (1985) because he wasn't on the gallows anywhere in the movie. But they were.
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    Marty McFly

    He survives a hanging attempt in "Back to the Future Part III (1990)" (1990). He does it while calling himself "Clint Eastwood".
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    Bret Maverick

    From the 1994 film Maverick (1994), where Mel Gibson played him; he was tied to the horse and the rope was around his neck to make sure he dies. He eventually escapes it.
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    His was a classic. The rope thrown over a beam in the saloon. Cort standing on a rickety chair. The rope is around Cort's neck. And Herod is shooting the chair out from underneath Cort.
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    Rick O'Connell

    He was in prison and scheduled to be hanged.
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    Michael Myers

    Nothing seams to stop this guy. While I'm positive that in Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998) (1998), it was meant to be the final Halloween film with him being beheaded, it was really a paramedic with a crushed larynx as it was later claimed in Halloween: Resurrection (2002) (2002). It is in HR where he survives a hanging.
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    Captain Jack Sparrow

    When you count it up, Captain Jack Sparrow beats the hangman's noose twice in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003).
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    Lord Blackwood

    What do you expect from a man who practices magic?
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    Machete Cortez

    In Machete Kills (2013) (2013), a last minute reprieve saves him.
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    He carries a scar of a failed lynching attempt by Bogue that is revealed at the end of The Magnificent Seven (2016) (2016), as the personal reason why he wanted to go after Bogue.
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    Joshamee Gibbs

    He cheats the Hangman's noose twice in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011). The first time is with Captain Jack Sparrow's help. The second time is by striking an accord with Barbossa.