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Poll: Better Homework Excuse Than "My Dog Ate It"?

Which of these school-aged heroes and heroines would have had the best excuse for not having their homework done? At least better than the classic retort, "My dog ate it!"

Most of these characters never said these lines, but they could have (all based on the general plot description of their film or TV show) - if they didn't actually do their homework in addition to their unique extracurricular activities!

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    Marty McFly

    Michael J. Fox, Back to the Future

    My friend, a mad scientist, accidentally sent me back in time when he built a time machine!

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    Tobey Maguire, Spider-man

    I had to fight evil once I found out that I gained spider-like abilities!

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    Donnie Darko

    Jake Gyllenhaal, Donnie Darko

    A large bunny rabbit is haunting me and manipulating me into committing crimes!

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    Dave Lizewski

    Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Kick-Ass

    I was crime-fighting in my attempt to become a super-hero!

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    Anna Hutchison, The Cabin in the Woods

    I was being attacked by every creature known in the horror genre!

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    Scott Pilgrim

    Michael Cera, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

    My girlfriend's exes are literally evil and I had to defeat them!

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    Michael 'Mikey' Walsh

    Sean Astin, The Goonies

    I found a treasure map and then my friends and I went to follow it but had to avoid traps set by a one-eyed pirate, and then an evil family forced us to walk the plank!

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    Buffy Summers

    Sarah Michelle Gellar, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    I was up all night slaying vampires!

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    Veronica Mars

    Kristen Bell, Veronica Mars

    I was out tracking down a murderer!

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    Percy Jackson

    Logan Lerman, Percy Jackson & the Olympians

    I just found out that I'm a demi-god and my father is Poseidon!

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    Jeff Spicoli

    Sean Penn, Fast Times at Ridgemont High

    I had to go surfing, man, because the waves were all, like, gnarly. These bogus dudes that founded America are all dead anyways!

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    Will Robinson

    Bill Mumy, Lost in Space

    Sorry, but Mr. Smith screwed up and then the Robot and I had to save the universe, AGAIN! - credit to jalapenom

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    Reese Witherspoon, Pleasantville

    My brother and I were zapped into a 1950s TV show!

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    Clark Kent

    Tom Welling, Smallville

    I'm not really from Earth and I haven't yet figured out how to best use my alien powers!

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    Matthew Broderick, WarGames

    I hacked into a military super computer and might have started World War III! - credit to Rafael_M

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    Daniel Hansen, Meet the Robinsons

    My future family kidnapped me into the future, and then I had to fight a loony villain and his evil hat, and then the time machine broke down! - credit to Cartman_1337

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    Stoney Brown

    Pauly Shore, Encino Man

    My best friend and I found a frozen cave-man in our back yard!

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    Joel Goodsen

    Tom Cruise, Risky Business

    My parents went on vacation, so what else was I supposed to do but steal their Porsche, hire some prostitutes, accidentally drive the car into Lake Michigan, and then figure out a way to make some cash?!

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    Frank Abagnale Jr.

    Leonardo DiCaprio, Catch Me If You Can

    Homework? You must be mistaken, I'm the substitute teacher! - credit to Rafael_M

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    Sophie Nelisse, The Book Thief

    "The Nazi's burned by history textbook which had my assignment in it" - credit to jalapenoman, TsarStepan

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    Lynn Tanner

    Andrea Elson, ALF

    A talking, furry alien crash-landed in our garage!

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    Charlie Sheen, Red Dawn

    My brother, friends and I were attacked by Soviet forces, I swear!

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    Alan Abernathy

    Gregory Smith, Small Soldiers

    The toys in my dad's shop came alive and then I had to stop the war between the gorgonites and the commando elite! - credit to jamesh-932-112088

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    Luke Skywalker

    Mark Hamill, Star Wars

    I had to fight my father in a lightsaber duel and lost my hand - I couldn't write! - credit to dan_dassow

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    Ferris Bueller

    Matthew Broderick, Ferris Bueller's Day Off

    I was sick! *cough* *cough*

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    Scott Howard

    Tyler Posey, Teen Wolf

    My dog ate it... Well, he's more like a wolf... Okay, I ate it! - credit to Rafael_M