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Poll: Artificial Bodies

This is a list of characters who use an artificial body apparatus to assist with greater utility, movement, self-defense and/or basic functioning. Which character has the coolest body apparatus? Discuss Your Favorites Here!!!

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    Darth Vader

    Uses a mechanical suit to replace his severed limbs, provide respiratory function and enhance physical strength.
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    Has a super-strong, metallic substance known as "adamantium" bonded with his skeleton. The bonded metal extends six, long retractable claws providing a lethal mode of defense.
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    Iron Man

    Has an electromagnet grafted into his chest to prevent shrapnel shards from reaching his heart. Uses an armored suit fitted with numerous weaponry and an assisting artificial intelligence system titled J.A.R.V.I.S..
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    Has a complete mechanical body prosthesis, protected by titanium laminated with Kevlar to replace his severed limbs and provide an armored shield.
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    Luke Skywalker

    Has a mechanical arm to replace his severed one, restoring basic function.
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    Edward Scissorhands

    Has large scissors for hands as he was never fitted with actual ones. These "scissor-hands" allow for trimming and self-protection.
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    Imperator Furiosa

    Uses a mechanical arm to provide basic physical function.
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    Uses a mask that provides a constant stream of analgesic gas to keep his "perpetual agony" (the result of his injuries/poor medical treatment) below threshold.
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    Immortan Joe

    Uses a face mask that alleviates respiratory issues and wears a body suit that obscures his overweight, aging and afflicted body while giving the false appearance of a strong body.
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    Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge

    Wears an eye visor to restore sight.
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    Scott Summers

    Wears an eye visor to regain control of his uncontrollable optic blasts. In public, he uses specially designed glasses that prevent the release of his optic blasts while also giving him a normal public appearance.
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    Doctor Octopus

    Has a four-armed harness with artificial intelligence fused to his body, providing independently-willed sensory awareness, self-defense and enhanced capability.
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    Winter Soldier

    Is fitted with a super-strong mechanical arm, replacing his severed one and providing physical strength.
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    Has a cybergenitically-modified body providing superhuman strength, speed and rapid healing ability.
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    Rocket Raccoon

    Has cybernetic implants within his body enhancing his animal abilities as well as giving him his humanoid physical posture, intelligence and verbal communication.
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    Has two bladed legs that provide basic walking function and lethal self-defense.
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    Ashley 'Ash' J. Williams

    Has a chainsaw as a replacement for his severed hand, providing lethal self defense.
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    Donald Pierce

    Has a mechanical hand to replace his severed one while providing greater physical control.
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    Saw Gerrera

    Has a mechanical leg to replace his severed one, restoring basic walking function.
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    Has a powered exoskeleton grafted into his body, providing greater self-defense.
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    Has an metallic, durable mechanical body (granting him superhuman strength, speed, stamina, flight & tools/weapons) an internal computer system (that can interface with external computers) and an electronic 'eye' (replicating vision at a superhuman level).
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    Has a body structure that produces a silver, metallic superhuman shield around his entire body.
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    Del Spooner

    Has a partial mechanical body structure, which saved his life while also allowing for increased self-defense.
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    Motoko Kusanagi

    Has a mechanical body providing superhuman strength.
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    Has an artificial left eye, arm & shoulder with the left upper quarter of her head & part of her right hip converted into sheathed in metal, thus giving her a cybergenic abilities. She also wears a device that enables her to disguise her appearance, either through illusion-casting or through actual molecular rearrangement of her body/clothing.
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    Has a genetically artificial body providing her the ability to access, store & manipulate cosmic energy for a variety of effects, including the projection of concussive force bolts and flight. The cosmic energy enhances her physical attributes to superhuman levels & enhances her metabolism/life force preventing aging.
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    Dr. Julius No

    Has bionic metal hands to replace his severed, radiated ones while also providing greater physical strength of the hands.
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    Has metallic teeth, allowing him to chew/cut through very hard objects.
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    Cherry Darling

    Has a mini-gun prosthetic leg, replacing her severed one and providing gun-powered self-defense.
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    Nic Eastman

    Has alien-crafted mechanical legs replacing his severed ones, providing treatment of his muscular dystrophy, basic walking function and enhanced movement.
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    C.A. Rotwang

    Has a metallic hand, replacing his severed one.
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    Steve Austin

    Has bionic limbs/body parts replacing his severed legs & arm, while also repairing his damaged eye & skull, thus giving him superhuman physical strength.
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    Mean Machine

    Has a mechanical arm full of sharp objects replacing his severed arm. Also has a steel dome over his skull with a dial on the front with 4 settings (from 1 - surly/disagreeable to 4 - fully berserk) making a dim-witted but lethal asset to his deranged cannibal family.
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    Captain Hook

    Has a metallic hook for a hand, replacing his severed one.
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    Mr. Freeze

    Wears a temperature-relegated cryogenic body suit to keep his body temperature at freezing levels in order to survive.