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Poll: Animated Fathers!

Which of these animated film characters, with kids, is the best father figure? Discuss Here

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    Fargus, Fergle and Felicia's dad in Shrek
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    Nemo's dad in Finding Nemo
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    Simba's dad in The Lion King
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    Homer Simpson

    Bart, Lisa and Maggie's dad in The Simpsons
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    Peaches' dad in Ice Age
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    Jasmine's dad in Aladdin
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    Margo, Edith and Agnes' dad in Despicable Me
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    A.K.A. Maurice - Belle's dad in Beauty and the Beast
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    Mr. Ping

    Po's dad in Kung Fu Panda
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    Don Lino

    Lenny's dad in Shark Tale
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    Stoick the Vast

    Hiccup's dad in How To Train Your Dragon
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    Mr. Incredible

    Jack-Jack, Dash and Violet's dad in The Incredibles
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    Eep and Thunk's dad in The Croods
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    King Triton

    Ariel's dad in The Little Mermaid
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    Merida's dad in Brave
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    Tim Lockwood

    Flint's dad in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
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    Fa Zhou

    Mulan's dad in Mulan
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    Remy and Emile's dad in Ratatouille
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    Papa Smurf

    The Smurf's dad in The Smurfs
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    Ponyo's dad in Ponyo
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    Mr. Darling

    Wendy's dad in Peter Pan
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    Martin Benson

    Barry's dad in Bee Movie
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    Herb Copperbottom

    Rodney's dad in Robots
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    Nigel Thornberry

    Eliza, Debbie and Donnie's dad in The Wild Thornberrys
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    Fred Flintstone

    Pebble's dad in The Flintstones
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    George Jetson

    Judy and Elroy's dad in The Jetsons
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    Lucky and a lot of other dog's dad in 101 Dalmatians
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    Mr. Fox

    Ash's dad in Fantastic Mr. Fox
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    Jake Morgendorffer

    Daria and Quinn's dad in Daria