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1. Jacqueline Bisset Jacqueline Bisset Actress, Bullitt Jacqueline Bisset has been an international film star since the late 1960s. She received her first roles mainly because of her stunning beauty, but over time she has become a fine actress respected by fans and critics alike. Bisset has worked with directors John Huston, François Truffaut, George Cukor and Roman Polanski...
2. Andrea Lea Andrea Lea Actress, Women of Dolwyn
3. Stephen B. Grimes Stephen B. Grimes Production Designer, Out of Africa
4. Keith Shackleton Keith Shackleton Self, Animal Magic
5. Colin Grimes Colin Grimes Art Director, Out of Africa
6. Antony Darnborough Antony Darnborough Producer, The Astonished Heart
7. Bruce Grimes Bruce Grimes Production Designer, When the Whales Came
8. Gertrude Sterroll Gertrude Sterroll Actress, The Lover
9. Richard Hughes Richard Hughes Writer, A High Wind in Jamaica British novelist Richard Hughes was born in Weybridge, Surrey, in 1900. A graduate of Oriel College in Oxford, he wrote his first play, "The Sisters' Tragedy", while still an undergraduate. Although at first he wrote plays--he was at one time president of the Welsh National Theatre--and short stories...
10. Austin Mutti-Mewse Austin Mutti-Mewse Writer, I Used to Be in Pictures
11. Richard Cawston Richard Cawston Director, Television and the World
12. Philip Dorté Philip Dorté Director, War in the Air
13. Colin Davis Colin Davis Music Department, The Big Lebowski
14. Howard Mutti-Mewse Howard Mutti-Mewse Writer, I Used to Be in Pictures Born in Weybridge, Surrey in 1972, Howard and his identical twin brother Austin were raised on a diet of black and white movies. This fascination made way for written correspondence with many of Hollywoods film legends, including Lillian Gish, Bob Hope, James Stewart, Marlene Dietrich and Bette Davis...
15. Matthew Allwork Matthew Allwork Camera and Electrical Department, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
16. John Lake John Lake Camera and Electrical Department, High Spirits John has lived in Weybridge all his life. Married to Pauline, they have 2 daughters Samantha and Karen. John has worked in the British film industry for 30 plus years as an electrician on such projects as First Knight, Buster, Dinotopia, Flash Gordon and Shopping (mostly uncredited!!!) John is now semi-retired and occasionally works at Halliford film studios on adverts or maintenance.
16 names.