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8 Apr. 1990
Undercurrents of passion, greed, jealousy and intrigue surface in a seemingly respectable town when a high school homecoming queen is found murdered.
12 Apr. 1990
Episode #1.2
Cooper makes a connection with Audrey Horne and interrogates James. Ed reveals his beer had probably been drugged at the Roadhouse. Mrs. Palmer has a terrible vision.
19 Apr. 1990
Episode #1.3
Dale demonstrates odd deductive techniques for the sheriff's department; Benjamin and his brother take a trip; and Donna and James plan to solve Laura's murder.
26 Apr. 1990
Episode #1.4
The people of Twin Peaks gather for Laura Palmer's funeral. Agent Cooper interprets his dream about the killer. Truman reveals to Cooper the secret of the Bookhouse Boys.
3 May 1990
Episode #1.5
Cooper and Truman track down the one-armed man and some strange new evidence; Norma goes to a parole board hearing for her husband; Audrey begins her own investigation.
10 May 1990
Episode #1.6
Cooper and Truman discover evidence in the woods related to the death of Laura Palmer.
17 May 1990
Episode #1.7
The Bookhouse Boys visit One-Eyed Jack's across the border in Canada to find Jacques Renault.
23 May 1990
Episode #1.8
Ben Horne's plans are finally realized, with unforeseen consequences.
30 Sep. 1990
Episode #2.1
In the aftermath of the incident at the Great Northern Hotel, the investigation into Laura Palmer's death continues, and information is provided from an unexpected source.
6 Oct. 1990
Episode #2.2
Agent Cooper receives unwanted help and unwelcome news, and Audrey gets into deeper trouble.
13 Oct. 1990
Episode #2.3
Cooper and Truman discover an unexpected twist in the trail of Laura Palmer's murderer.
20 Oct. 1990
Episode #2.4
Ben Horne asks Cooper for help in rescuing Audrey, and Donna uncovers a significant piece of evidence at Harold Smith's home.
27 Oct. 1990
Episode #2.5
Donna, after discovering that Harold has Laura's secret diary, hatches a risky plan with Maddy to steal it from his home. Andy gets some good news about his condition. Cooper and Truman raid One-Eyed Jack's.
3 Nov. 1990
Episode #2.6
Cooper's near-deaf FBI supervisor Gordon Cole arrives with an ominous message from Windom Earle. Cooper contacts Mike through the possessed Phillip Gerard. Josie is pressured. Shelly and Bobby host a welcome home party for Leo.
10 Nov. 1990
Episode #2.7
Maddy prepares to leave Twin Peaks, Leo wants shoes, Norma learns of Nadine's regression, Tojamura reveals his identity to Pete, and Cooper arrests Ben Horne for the murder of Laura Palmer only to receive a devastating message.
17 Nov. 1990
Episode #2.8
Ben gets a visit from his lawyer, Jerry. Lucy's meddling sister visits her. Norma's judgy mother arrives in Twin Peaks with a shady new husband. Both Bobby and Catherine plan to blackmail Ben. BOB covers his tracks but Mike is after him.
1 Dec. 1990
Episode #2.9
After the discovery of Maddy's corpse, Cooper attempts to finally identify Laura's real killer using his visions as clues. The Bookhouse Boys and Major Briggs help out. Lucy tries to decide who the father of her baby is.
8 Dec. 1990
Episode #2.10
Blaming Cooper for the death of his brother, Jean Renault plots his revenge as the eccentric FBI agent prepares to leave Twin Peaks.
15 Dec. 1990
Episode #2.11
Major Briggs is missing. Agents Denise Bryson and Roger Hardy investigate Cooper's activities at One-Eyed Jack's. Sheriff Truman stands up for him. Cooper learns about the legend of the Black and White Lodges from Hawk.

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