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The disease the children have is an actual disease known as Xeroderma Pigmentosum which is basically an extreme sensitivity to sunlight. It is very rare with roughly a thousand people in the world that have it.
Nicole Kidman originally tried to persuade Alejandro Amenábar and the Weinstein brothers to find another actress for the part. Coming off the bright and exuberant Moulin Rouge! (2001), the actress was initially reluctant to do a film that explored such dark places.
In a pivotal scene, Grace finds a photograph album containing pictures of people she believed to be sleeping. Mrs. Mills informs her they're all deceased, and that people photographed the deceased in the previous (19th) century. In reality, people did photograph their deceased loved ones during the late 19th century. Most were photographed lying down, as if in a deep sleep; others would be propped up in chairs, posed with favorite objects such as children with favorite playthings; adults with books or newspapers. The reason many families did so was because that would be the only photograph they would have of the family member(s) if they didn't, as photography was a rarity in the 19th Century.
The movie opens with Nicole Kidman, in voiceover, reading a story. She begins with the words, "Now children, are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin." The BBC radio programme "Listen With Mother", broadcast in the UK between 1950 and 1982, always began, "Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin."
The basis for this movie is an episode of the British series 'Armchair Theatre' called 'The Others' made in 1970 and remade as a movie called 'Voices' in 1972. This version is more elaborate but the story is the same.
Nicole Kidman pressed for the hiring of Eric Sykes as Edmund Tuttle as she and her then-husband Tom Cruise had twice been hugely impressed by his theatre work (in "School for Wives" and "Kafka's Dick"). Sykes was equally fulsome in his appreciation of Kidman and her work.
The house - supposedly on the island of Jersey - is actually located in the north of Spain (Santander).
Nicole Kidman actually quit during rehearsals, as playing Grace gave her nightmares. "At one point I didn't want to make the film because I couldn't even go there emotionally."
This is the highest grossing Spanish film ($209,700,000) in the all-time worldwide boxoffice history. As of May 2006 it was 265th.
This was the first film ever to receive the Best Film Award at the Goyas (Spain's national film awards) with not a single word of Spanish spoken in it.
Alakina Mann and James Bentley were cast after an intensive search that encompassed 5,000 children.
To get the kids worked up, Alejandro Amenábar would play scary music when they weren't expecting it.
The film opened in the US at number 4 in the box office charts and stayed around that figure for its initial run. Seven weeks into release it actually climbed up to the number 2 spot.
Executive produced by Tom Cruise, this marked the last collaboration between him and Nicole Kidman prior to their divorce.
The ghostly image appearing over Grace's shoulder resolves itself into a somber face in a painting on the wall. This image is actually a detail (specifically, a close-up of the Puritan man's face) of the 1855 Pre-Raphaelite painting "The Wounded Cavalier" by William Shakespeare Burton. The face of the painting is that of Eduardo Noriega.
Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise's high profile divorce was finalized the same week that The Others (2001) was released.
The script was written by Alejandro Amenábar in Spanish and then translated into English.
This was Renée Asherson's final acting role before her death on October 30, 2014 at the age of 99.
The film earned over $200 million, making it one of the highest grossing horror movies of all time.
Alejandro Amenábar wanted to play with shadows, and sometimes scenes were actually lit by candles.
The Others (2001) comes from a peculiar cross-section of production cultures. It stars an Australian woman playing an Englishwoman. It was written and directed by a Spaniard, backed by Americans, set in Jersey but filmed in Spain.
Alejandro Amenábar's first English language film.
Alejandro Amenábar based a lot of the script on his Catholic school education. He's now agnostic.
The Others (2001) was released a few months prior to Vanilla Sky (2001), the American remake of 'Alejandro Amenabár''s Open Your Eyes (1997). Coincidentally, it stars Nicole Kidman's then estranged husband Tom Cruise.
Although the main characters are shown sitting at a table with food and drink, only one of them is seen putting food or drink into her mouth in a single shot. This would be Anne, who sips from her bowl at the end of the breakfast table scene (in the home release version only).
Being a Spanish co-production, this film went on after its release on September 7, 2001, to become Spain's biggest grossing domestic film of all time after less than two months of release. However, in 2014, the box office record was broke by Ocho apellidos vascos (2014).
Anne's description of what ghosts look like, i.e. people under white sheets with chains, might be a reference to Charles Dickens' novella A Christmas Carol, wherein Scrooge is haunted by his dead partner who is cursed to wander the world while dragging chains. This could also be reinforced by the fact that Anne said she read the description in a book.
Alejandro Amenábar based the look of the movie on drawings from books of the '30s and '40s he read as a child.
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Bollywood has a remake called Hum Kaun Hai
Alejandro Amenábar cast Nicole Kidman in the lead role, having been a fan of hers since To Die For (1995).
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Alejandro Amenábar told Elaine Cassidy (Lydia) that it's in her character to always be one step behind Mrs. Mills.
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About 5,000 kids auditioned for the roles of Anne and Nicholas. James Bentley was cast right away, but Alakina Mann took longer. The filmmakers wanted someone who'd be strong opposite Nicole Kidman.
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The name of the gardener/caretaker - Mr. Tuttle - is the same as the gardener/caretaker at George C. Scott's haunted house in The Changeling (1980).
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Nicole expresses the importance of locking one door before opening the next. Often it shows her unlocking doors but only closing them carefully, not locking them.
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Mateo Gil: screenwriter of Alejandro Amenábar's previous film Open Your Eyes (1997), as a dead man's photograph in the album.

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Alejandro Amenábar: Appears in one of the photographs of dead people - he's the one on the right with a moustache, of the group of three men.

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