(TV Series)


Anne Francis: Honey West


  • Honey West : What else did you get?

    Sam Bolt : Pictures of his tax returns. Shall we go back to the darkroom and see what develops?

    Honey West : There's only one more name on the list. We might as well find it - Mr. King's nurse.

    Sam Bolt : Ida Bering, girl swinger. She has a playpen out on Highland Avenue.

    Honey West : Let's shake it and see what rattles.

  • Sam Bolt : That bullet left some sort of biothematic intolerance in his system.

    Honey West : Really? What's that?

    Sam Bolt : King can't control his body heat... but who can?

    Honey West : Watch your voltage, Sam.

  • Carson : Mr. King prefers not to be touched.

    Honey West : That's a switch.

  • [to Groalgo, Mr. King's hulking bodyguard] 

    Honey West : Take me to your leader.

  • [the criminals have fallen into a hot spring with electric current running through it] 

    Mr. King : Are they dead?

    Honey West : Only stunned. Electrocution is illegal in California.

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