Kung Fu Panda Holiday (TV Short 2010) Poster

(2010 TV Short)

Jack Black: Po


  • Po : This is a disaster. I'm going to disappoint everyone. My dad, the Furious Five, Shifu...

    Wo Hop : And me. I'm not dead yet.

  • Po : Bunny! Finally, a real chef! Look, sorry I banished you and shamed your village for all eternity, but if you could help me chop carrots, it would really...

    Wo Hop : I'm not here to chop carrots. I'm here to fight.

    Po : What?

    Wo Hop : The only way to restore honor to me and my village is to fight the Dragon Warrior. Surely I will perish, but that is the fate I must accept.

  • Po : This may be our greatest challenge yet.

    Monkey : Bandits?

    Viper : Raiders?

    Po : No. Place settings.

  • Mr. Ping : Think of all those lonely people who don't have anyone to spend the holiday with. There's always room for one more at Mister Ping's

    Po : Look, dad, I understand how you care for the lonely people...

    Mr. Ping : And lonely people pay extra.

  • Po : [Opening line]  Steel yourself against my steel, villain.

    [Uses sword to chop an onion in half] 

    Po : Your reign of tears is over.

  • Po : I got that, dad.

    Mr. Ping : Po? Oh, you came! Oh, Po, I'm... I'm sorry I made you feel so guilty.

    Po : Ah, don't be. That's what the holiday's all about. Now, don't we have some cooking to do?

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