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Cupidity (2004)
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Fresh faced, funny, fabulous, 5 May 2004

Summary: Fresh faced, funny, fabulous

I recently saw the premiere of Cupidity at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. It was hard to find a seat so I actually sat on the steps leading up to the aisles (a bit uncomfortable for my tailbone, but on the plus side-nothing to block my view of the screen). Not all of Gallagher's films have won me over, so after he introduced the flick as a docucomedy improvised by himself and the cast, I thought, `Oh, Jees, what have I gotten myself into?' But to my pleasant surprise, he hit a home run with this one! I found myself laughing in unison with the rest of the audience quite consistently from beginning to end. Plot: James loses Bethany, the love of his life, by taking bad advice from Stevie, a male stripper. James embarks on a Manhattan dating odyssey with a gallery of the nuttiest ladies in the city. Bethany learns that true love is possible and James learns the importance of being true to oneself. I think people really liked the film, not only because it was funny, hilarious at times, but because it has a universal theme. I mean, who hasn't had a string of less than ideal dates on the journey to find true love? And you can't beat NYC as the setting. Gallagher's casting was unmistakable. The film is full of unknown talent (but not for long). I have a very good feeling we'll be seeing a number of these fresh faces again especially the lead: James Gilmartin. I can tell you from experience that good improvisation is not easy! And James and the rest of the cast were remarkable in that regard. In sum, this film is a delightful, funny, touching, fast paced little gem and I hope it enjoys a very large audience. P.S. Be sure to take your vitamins and bring your strongest constitution for the anal surgery date! ;)